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Iteration 52 will run from Dec 1st until Dec 24th. Work undertaken includes: D7 Channels Hub D7 McGill University Homepage Support for royalvictoria.mcgill.ca Migrations Investigate Closed Captions /Music Displays Global Health HR Job Posting McGill OST


Iteration 51 will run from Nov 10th until Nov 28th. Work undertaken includes: Converting HR modules D6 to D7 Service status module Upgrade D7 Teaching snapshots Upgrade D7 pcard_certification Upgrade D7 request_invoice Upgrade D7 ost Upgrade Talisma Upgrade community Undergraduate-admissions deployment Upgrade Global Health /dietetics switch to /nutrition Security updates slideshow removal from mobile (320px) /familymed memory limit errors Site migrations


Iteration 50 will run from oct 13th until Oct 31th. Work undertaken includes: Site migration Converting HR modules D6 to D7 Service status module Global Health D6 to D7 Site migrations


Iteration 49 will run from Sept 22th until Oct 10th. Work undertaken includes: Maps deployment Profiles testing Site migration Converting HR modules d6 to d7 Improve homepage search Newsroom upgrade for D7 Site migrations


Iteration 48 will run from Sept 2th until Sept 19th.   Work undertaken includes: Maps deployment Tools for upgrading profiles Improve homepage search Deploy GSA Onebox Twitter on wordpress Newsroom upgrade for D7 Site migrations Migration tools for custom content Translation server : Channels


Iteration 47 will run from August 12th until August 29th. Work undertaken includes:  Profiles Extend Image Character limit Improve homepage search Code review /homecoming Channels secondary contact fix Site migration Migration tools for custom content Channels deployment Sectional Distinction vertical menus Translation server : Channels  


Iteration 46 will run from July 14th until August 8th. Work undertaken includes: Upgrades Correcting long image captions Video upload Channels News, Events Caching Channels display issues Channels upload in certain browsers Upgrade tool for profiles Features for Profiles /Library upgrade tools Student account issues Role visibility on block in upgrade Adding columns to Mega [...]

Iteration 45

Iteration 45 will run from June 16th until July 11th. Work undertaken includes: view more styles for channels blocks. Image handling in migrations Work bench handling of unpublished pages File handling for restricted pages Testing for Channels Deploy better mobile menus Implement GSA self scorer UAT for Maps Module updates d6-d7 Migrations Site creation on [...]

Iteration 44

Iteration 44 will run from May 26th until June 12th. Work undertaken in Iteration 44 includes: fixes for a few channels issues: styling for contact information. validation fixes for channels block iCal feeds. taxonomy standardization view more styles for channels blocks. sectional distinction edge case fixes. exporting /mentoring data to CSV. deployment of  webform link [...]

Iteration 43

Iteration 43 will run from May 5th until May 22nd. Work undertaken in Iteration 43 includes: deployment of the seedsofchange website. improvement of migration error reporting. code review of custom library migration code. a sectional navigation solution for D7. On this page block access configuration. Permission adjustments for CCS support staff. Separation of style and [...]

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