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5 beta block tips for alpha site managers

1. Keep page load times to a minimum Don’t make your visitors wait for a heavy page to load! When adding beta blocks to your webpages, remember that too many images can result in slower load times for your site visitors. Try to find a good balance between creating a page that is visually engaging, [...]

Psst! What’s a McGill Block?

Intrepid Beta Testers may have noticed something new in their list of blocks called the “McGill Block.” If you’ve been wondering what this is, The Beta Blog is where you’ll find the latest scoop on what’s in the works. Currently, you create a standard block by going to Structure > Blocks > Add block. With [...]

Iteration I77

Iteration 77 will run from June 30th until July 22nd. Work undertaken includes: summary type priority milestone storypoints status eCal: Course sets missing from programs on /study/2016-2017 bug highest E-calendar 7.3 2 assigned db servers over capacity bug highest 3 new Translation of block titles and block content unavailable enhancement/new feature high Translation 7.1 3 [...]

Stick to it!

You can now choose which news and events your site visitors view first with “Sticky to the top of lists”. This useful feature was activated for channel event items earlier this year and is now available for news items, too! To make new channel news and events items “sticky”, be sure to check the “Sticky [...]

Breaking news about links in the WMS

By popular request, WMS site managers and editors can now create links to anchor tags in tabs and accordions. In the example below, a site visitor who clicks a link to the appropriate anchor tag, will find the tabs displayed and the third tab open when the page loads. And in the example below, a [...]

3 great WMS web page layouts

The new template blocks — Call to action block, List block and Statement block — have begun popping up on a number of McGill sites. Get inspired by these exciting web page layouts recently created by a our intrepid site managers/beta testers using the new blocks. Nice work! Law homepage The dynamic new layout of [...]

Iteration 76

Iteration 76 will run from June 7th until June 29th. Work undertaken includes: summary priority type milestone pts status Code review on UGA highest support task 3rd Party Integration 7.1 1 Backlog Evaluate Jira highest support task Infrastructure 7.1 2 Closed SCS Usability Testing (June 2016) highest support task UX 7.1 2 Removed [Events Calendar] [...]

McGill Profiles

Your site visitors are looking for information about the people in your department. They want to know: who are your faculty members? who are your staff members? grad students? what research areas do they specialize in? how can department members be contacted? McGill Profiles — launched this past spring — makes it easy for site [...]

Iteration 75

Iteration 75 will run from May 16th until June 6th. Work undertaken includes: summary priority type milestone pts status migrate /channels to D7 highest bug D7 – Data Migration 3 Bigger Evaluate Jira highest support task Infrastructure 7.1 2 Bigger eCal: adding French SCS menu links to Courses & Programs search results are problematic highest [...]

Instagram now available

Looking to promote your department’s Instagram channel on your website? Site managers now have the ability to add an Instagram icon to their Follow Site blocks in the WMS. The Follow Site block is a preformatted block that makes it easy for site managers to add social media icons to WMS web pages. These icons [...]

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