Give us your feedback!

As part of our beta release of Channels, we’re giving users the opportunity to submit suggestions and comments via this feedback form (login required). Note that we’re still in testing, so this link won’t work until we go live on April 8th. This form will provide us with an easy way to get a good idea of your Channels user experience. It will allow us to quickly identify and fix bugs you may have found as well as a way to aggregate feature requests. We’ll post back here on the blog for any upcoming features, so stay tuned!

Q: What size image should I attach to my news items?

A: The image that you attach to an item will be resized, depending on where it is being displayed. If the image is appearing inside a one-column block, for example, then it will ‘shrink’ to 129px. In the single item page it will stretch back to 250px wide. We have played around with this quite a bit and found that an image 300px wide works really well in most cases.
Note that this applies to web-ready images, which are at a resolution of 72dpi.

Q: What is a channel?

A: A channel is simply a collection of items that have been chosen by a channel manager. A channel manager can ‘stamp’ items – or tag them – meaning that they are pulled into that channel.

Q: Where do my announcements appear?

A: Every announcement – every item, in fact – has its own page. All the information available about the announcement (sponsor, associated image, contact information, links to websites, for example) is available on this page. Depending on how site managers and editors set up their pages, links to this page can appear in lots of places:

  • the aggregate page for the item type (e.g. /channels/announcements/ );
  • inside blocks;
  • in feeds.

In these contexts, end users will see only a sub-set of the information – generally the title, date, and short description.

Channels project due to launch early April

Channels interface
We’re so close to launching Channels on the McGill site! This major project will be submitted through the relevant change committees before the end of the month and launched as a beta product next month.

This is the first time we’ve launched a product as a beta, which means that we will be refining it based on the feedback we get from our user-community post-launch.

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