New upcoming feature: restricting pages by AD groups

We’re back after a bit of a summer hiatus. To start things off, we’re introducing a new feature that gives site administrators an option to restrict a page to be only accessible by members of a specific Active Directory group.

While similar functionality existed for a long time, it was always limited to WPS-specific groups, maintained by designated administrators within the Web Publishing System. This often resulted in duplicated effort, as other systems on campus rely on the Active Directory for group information, thus requiring that the groups are maintained both on the Active Directory side, and in the WPS.

Now WPS pages can use the Active Directory for group information, so no duplication of effort is required. Additionally, the option to restrict pages is now available to all site administrators — previously it was only available to superusers. Look for it in your page preferences popup in site management.

Note, that currently you can only restrict pages to an Active Directory group of which you yourself are a member.

EDITED: This feature is awaiting final documentation before being introduced sitewide. Once the ICS has recorded the changes, they will announce the availability of this feature to all site editors.

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