Iteration 24

Iteration 24 is currently underway and will run from February 19th to March 13th.

Work underway includes:

  • Improved navigation for the Headway blog
  • An automated mechanism to move staging sites into production
  • Support for pps and ppsx files
  • Adjustments to the HR Job Postings application
  • Fixes for some minor issues with breadcrumbs
  • Integration of Knowledge Base data in WMS search results
  • Support for nested comments in WordPress blogs
  • Responsive design improvements
  • eCal internationalization and calendar creation
  • Standardization of filenames on older WMS sites
  • Views 3 upgrade deployment
  • WordPress upgrade deployment
  • Localization server deployment
  • Sectional Distinction deployment
  • Deployment of ¬†update /community look and feel
  • Deployment of Student account application modifications
  • Porting of the McGill staff and student directory module to Drupal 7

3 responses to “Iteration 24”

  1. Victor Chisholm says:

    Andrew, can you please explain “Standardization of filenames on older WMS sites”? It sounds like something that could have an impact on site editors, am I mistaken?

    • Andrew Lindsay says:

      Hi Victor,

      Thanks for your interest.

      Two of the initial 10 WMS sites that were created have filenames with non-standard characters in them. We’ll be scripting a solution to adjust these filenames and fix any broken links that result. Neither site falls under the purview of the Faculty of Science.

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