Views 3 upgrade

As part of the current iteration we are planning on making the upgrade from Views 2 to Views 3 live. Views 3 has been the preferred version in the Drupal community for some time, so it is time for us to catch up. It is also a stepping stone on our way towards an upgrade to Drupal 7.

Views is a module which provides the ability to have lists of data in various formats. It is used on all WMS sites to provide the content editing interface as well as on many sites for custom applications.

The upgrade is a fairly major one, and there are known issues with it, so we’ve taken our time converting all of our views to Views 3 and testing them.

We started this process late last year by creating a new version control branch so that our developers could work on converting all the views while still being able to make fixes to Views 2 code. We also contacted our partners in ISR and Libraries who also use Views as part of their development toolset to make sure they were aware of our plan to upgrade.

The Views 3 branch was merged back into our main branch two iterations ago and tested in a variety of scenarios. We then pushed all the changes to our QA environment last iteration for further testing.

The final step is to make all these changes live. We are planning to do this next week, with our DBAs on standby in case things go awry. Given the amount of work and testing that we’ve put into this, we’re not expecting major issues but it is possible there could be small issues with some of the more esoteric views. We will address these issues as they come up after the upgrade is completed.


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