Iteration 27

Iteration 27 is currently underway and will run from May 6th to May 22nd.

Work underway includes:

  • Support for /study calendar deployment.
  • Code review of for our partners in libraries.
  • Resolution of issues uncovered in UAT of updated music calendar.
  • Internationalization of McGill profiles.
  • Converting ‘On this page’ module to Drupal 7.
  • Work on foundational elements for new important dates search interface.
  • Prototype and usability testing of new important dates search interface.
  • Script to automate re-tagging of important dates channels items.
  • Deployment of path transliteration.
  • Adjustments to custom McGill profiles fields on behalf of libraries.
  • Resolving banner update bugs reported in McGill profiles.
  • Modifications to new global search interface.
  • Deployment of new global search interface.
  • Deployment of distributed global navigation.
  • Adjustments to text on Drupal login pages to reduce confusion.
  • An update to WordPress.
  • Featurization of basic content types for D7.
  • Deployment of refactored homepage slideshow.
  • CSS bug in Bio presentation for Channels.
  • Code review for our partners in DAR.
  • Update to modernizr module.
  • Featurization of WYSIWYG config for D7.
  • Deployment of channels integration for
  • Deployment of views 3 and related development.

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