Iteration 28

Iteration 28 is currently underway and will run from May 27th to June 13th.

Work underway includes:

  • A bug fix for the homepage slideshow.
  • CSS exceptions for our partners in libraries.
  • Making the new /ece site live.
  • Creation of a staging site for /medadmissions.
  • Creation of a staging site for /music.
  • An issue with a broken thumbnail on the McGill home page.
  • Creation of search infrastructure for the new /importantdates site.
  • Research into an appropriate video solution for Drupal 7.
  • Deployment of distributed global navigation.
  • A bug fix for accordions styles within columns.
  • CSS fix for missing admin menu on WordPress sites using the McGill Base theme.
  • A bug wherein site manager access is lost for content -> edit.
  • Addition of venue field for replacement music calendar.
  • Deployment of /music calendar solution.
  • Finalization of localization server config.
  • Media guide data import from WMS to McGill Profiles.
  • Design implementation for new /importantdates site.
  • Automated tag restructuring with /importantdates content.
  • Deployment of Drupal-based global search.
  • Deployment of DAR’s new Drupal 7 site.
  • Deployment of AOC/Channels integration.
  • Featurization of home page audience selector.
  • Review of home page content in an effort to uncover linked slideshow nodes.
  • Issues with channels content when ANY/SourceSite is selected.
  • Issues with /mentoring mentor selection process.
  • Data export of WPS channels items for the Faculty of Law.
  • Refeaturization of teaching snapshots application.

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