Iteration 31

Iteration 31 is currently underway and will run from August 12th to August 29th.

Drupal 7 work undertaken in this iteration includes:

  • Open authentication to non-McGill users.
  • Test node-queue, parser ical, menu icons and fullcalendar contrib modules.
  • Port custom D6 modules including: alias_hierarchy, mcgill profiles, student account fees, and mcgill feeds.
  • /maps solution for Drupal 7 using geofield as a base.
  • Drupal-commerce-based replacement solution for Ubercart.
  • Gallery content type.
  • Design and development of UX and associated logic for restricted pages.
  • Address PHP upgrade bug affecting channels in dev and QA.
  • Local (SOLR) search implementation based on Search API.
  • Home page link deletion prevention.
  • Styling and featurization of follow and service link modules.
  • Master feature to enable site management toolset.
  • Research into title module.

Drupal 6 work includes:

  • Deploy new important dates interface.
  • Important Dates data download.
  • /applying data and code export for external developer.
  • Missing translation for search interface.
  • Global search changes bug.
  • Libraries code review.
  • Staging sites for /medadmissions and /provost.

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