Iteration 36

Apologies for the late post.  A couple of weeks ago we began work on iteration 36 which runs from November 25th until December 12th.

Drupal 6 work undertaken in this iteration includes:

  • A fix for a bug that was causing file and image insertions to behave erratically on some sites.
  • Additional work deploying the new applying tool.

Drupal 7 work undertaken in this iteration includes:

  • Finalization of media handling.
  • A fix for a bug with the D7 conted slider.
  • Adjustments to translation handling.
  • The newsroom archive module.
  • Channels bug fixes and refactoring.
  • Staging scripts.
  • LDAP data capture.
  • Restructuring of system logs.
  • A bug fix for home page replacement logic.
  • Home page node migration.
  • Gallery permission adjustments for site managers.
  • Removal of edit summary link on body fields.
  • Removal of language field from all content types.
  • Reverting notes field to a plain text area.
  • Featurization of block and block access config.
  • Featurization of WYSIWYG view modes for media.
  • Captions for D7 images.
  • Migration of private files in webforms.
  • Additional work on revision migration.
  • Finalization of D7 search.
  • Creation of default footer content.
  • Migration of footer menu data.
  • Migration of miscellaneous site configuration.
  • Migration of D6 files into new media tokens.
  • Porting of the teaching snapshots module to D7.
  • OVerall testing of the migration process.
  • Installation of the BMC GSA connector.

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