Iteration 38

Iteration 38 ran from January 19th until February 6th.

Drupal 6 work undertaken in this iteration includes:

  • The creation of several staging sites.

Drupal 7 work undertaken in this iteration includes:

  • The migration of over 100 D6 sites into Drupal 7
  • Testing and rectifying issues with aspects of basic site migration including:
    • blocks
    • slideshows
    • youTube videos
    • files
    • image styles and alignment
    • restricted pages
    • revisions
  • Finalization of channelsĀ import code.
  • Channels automated tests for the hub andĀ block and importer admin pages .
  • Bug fixes for onthispage module.
  • Improvements to media/wysiwyg integration.
  • The creation of a single staging site.

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