Replacing Attachments

We’ve improved the Channels posting form so that you can now replace an attachment by deleting the existing attachment and re-uploading it in one step. (Previously, you had to delete the attachment, save the item, then reattach and save again.) We’ll continue to investigate how to make replacing existing attachments even clearer and easier. Check the Beta Blog for future updates on this front.

Avoiding errors when updating images and attachments

There is a known issue with updating images and attachments in an existing Channels item.  If you wish to make a change to an existing image or document, you must delete the existing attachment, and re-upload it.  However, you must first delete the attachment and then save (submit) the item before uploading the attachment again.  Otherwise you will encounter an error.  We are looking into the issue and will get back to you when we figure out the cause.

New feature for editors

In order to make the transition from the old system of News, Events, and Announcements to Channels a bit easier, we’ve added a new feature on the “Contribute” forms. It’s a character countdown that auto-updates as you type into one of the short Description fields. While you’re inside the limit, the number will appear brown, however once you go over the limit, the number will become negative and also turns red. The limit is 400 characters, and applies to both French and English fields. If you leave a very long description in either short Description field, you will be warned when you submit your data that it will be truncated.

The instructions on the Description tab have also changed to reflect this new feature. We strongly encourage you to make use of the flexibility of the new system by only entering a short synopsis of your Channels item in the short Description field, and afterwards, if you have a lot of details, please enter them into the Long Description field.

Check out the following images (click on them to view full size) for examples of the new feature in action.

New description tab look

Over the character limit.

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