Canadian Library Association McGill Student Chapter (CLA)

The CLA McGill Student Chapter (CLAMSC) serves as a liaison between MISt/MLIS students and the professional association. Our mission is to help students become active in the professional library community during their time at McGill. In order to do this we plan events to facilitate and foster relationships between MISt/MLIS students and established LIS professionals. In past years, we have invited many local professionals to participate in our career discussion groups. We have sponsored social gatherings of professionals and students, such as our popular cinq à sept (or, for the uninitiated, a happy hour here in Montreal). The CLA McGill Student Chapter also coordinates the Professional Partnering Program(, an exciting mentorship program that connects students and information professionals.

McGill’s CLA Student Chapter launched this year’s Professional Partnering Program on Friday, October 24th over an informal meet and greet. A wide variety of Information Science professionals mingled with first and second year students of McGill’s School of Information Studies. In total, 23 students (including members of McGill’s CLA Student Chapter Executive) and 9 mentors were present at the event. All enjoyed tasty refreshments and interesting conversations.

This year’s partnering program successfully matched 33 students with 17 mentors. An additional 12 students signed up for the program but were not matched this year, though several of these students joined the festivities of the meet and greet and were able to network with mentors regardless.

Based on student feedback, the event was a great success. It was a fun, informal opportunity for students of the School of Information Studies to ask pertinent questions, make connections, and learn a little more about their future careers.

We are planning some great events this year, and we need various first-year students on our executive council!  If you would like any more information about the chapter, please feel free to email us:

Melissa Rivosecchi, President (

Sarah Bonish, Treasurer (

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