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How to navigate a (SIAM) conference

A one page flyer how to navigate a conference – succinct, but spot on as far as my experience is concerned. Blogging about talks or a conference? I should probably get started on that then… (more…)

Mathematical Modeling in Your Bone

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Are you studying math or physics and would be interested to know some aspects of interdisciplinary research in math/physics and biology/physiology? Are you curious about the picture above? If you answered “yes” to either of the questions, read on!


A Review of the 3rd CAMBAM Annual Meeting

Participants gathering together for the round table with Sensorica

Past Friday, June 8, 2012, it was time for the 3rd CAMBAM Annual Meeting. The past Annual Meetings both created a little bit of a magical atmosphere, befitting such a day that only happens once a year, and only once. Participants were invited to the McGill Faculty Club, its wooden interior speaking of prestige and privilege. Being served an excellent four course meal, I wondered if our contribution can justify such privilege, or in the end displaces little more air than the beat of a butterfly’s wing. After all, this day was primarily about scientific progress in CAMBAM, a day to rest and review our accomplishments and progress – which often takes the form of small steps, taken one at a time – so let’s focus not on dinner courses and ambiance, but on students’ and corporate guests’ contributions to a day full of progress made, interdisciplinary perspectives, and new connections.


Workshop June 22, 2012

On June 22, 2012 from 10h-16h in McIntyre Medical Building, room 1101 the CAMBAM Student Chapter will be holding a workshop given by Gabriel Provencher-Langlois and Namdar Homayunfar. Gabriel will talk about Geometric Singular Perturbations and Namdar will present Bifurcation Analysis of DDEs (please see abstracts below).

From 10h-12h, each will host a workshop
A light lunch will be provided from 12h-13h (please let us know if you have any particular food concerns)
The day will conclude with another workshop from both Gabriel and Namdar

Hope to see everyone there!

Commentary: 1 year CAMBAM student chapter – past, present, future.

We CAMBAM students always were lucky: part of a network of renegade mathematicians, engineers, physicists etc., with a keen interest in thrilling BioMedical applications. Situated inside Montreal’s universities and institutes, headed by acclaimed head researchers, our aptitude meets the necessary environment. We are in the best company possible, backed up by some of the arguably most potent resources out there.

Could we be proud? (more…)

Society for Mathematical Biology Newsletter

Society for Mathematical Biology logo

Society for Mathematical Biology

An article by the CAMBAM student chapter appeared in the latest Society for Mathematical Biology Newsletter (Vol 25, #2, http://www.smb.org). In this article, Tom, Morgan, Fred, and me give a quick tour of the history of the student chapter and break down our strategies and a couple of tricks from along the way. We obtained permission to publish the manuscript here on our blog. This is a thorough look under the hood of our community building effort, enjoy. (more…)


Here’s my little story about how I got involved in CAMBAM. I have joined CAMBAM somewhere around June last year. At the time, I was interested in knowing more about non-linear dynamics, dynamical system theory and their applications, because I had ran into some papers analysing neural networks behavior with these tools. I thought that hanging with the people who play with these mathematics on a daily basis would be helpful and informative. (more…)

3rd CAMBAM Annual Meeting (2012)

CAMBAM 3rd Annual Meeting, 8 June 2012, McGill Faculty Club 3450 McTavish Street


Pt II: Retrospective & Going Forward

This is the second of four blog posts in which the CAMBAM student chapter’s organizers—Morgan, Fred, Lennart, and Thomas—are reflecting on the chapter’s activities over the course of the past year. Enjoy!


Video: 5 minute tour of CAMBAM

Shot from the CAMBAM video.

Shot from the CAMBAM video, click to view video.

Vimeo High Definition Version (watch online)

McGill Server “Low Key” Version (download necessary)

This video showcases the aims, research, and possibilities at CAMBAM (Center for Applied Mathematics in Bioscience And Medicine). Get to know some of our research projects and scientists…

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