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Chemical Control

labpicThe first time I walked into the basement of the Otto Maass building, a familiar sense of deja vu washed over me. The brightly lit walls, the clinical feel, and the casual passerby clad in lab gear brought me back
to the summer months when I worked. Everyday I would push through the heavy double doors leading to a much more familiar room in a strangely similar basement.


Dare To Compare – or Should we Steer Clear?



As the first month of university courses has come to end, by this point we have all earned some “constructive criticism” from our professors, peers and employers. This is the time of year when everything seems so fresh and these are the precious moments when we try to build our foundation and reputation in order to start the school year off right. However, as the season changes, so do many of our moods. You may have heard these phrases blurted on several occasions during this time of year: “Why did he/she get the job instead of me?” “Why did he/she receive a grant instead of me?” “Why did he/she receive a higher grade?” “It’s not fair!” (more…)

Lessons from the Pumpkin Patch

pumkinThis semester has proven to be full of obstacles and possibilities. This weekend was no exception. One of this weekends adventures was pumpkin picking hosted by PGSS. This was a new experience for me. This turned into more than a relaxing fall outing. This weekend has reminded me of many lessons in succeeding. I have decided to shares a few of the lessons learned while pumpkin picking with you all. (more…)

Extracurricular Activities

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.21.17 PMHere it is, the period of the semester where companies representatives can be seen strolling around campus for their information session or for their career fairs happening soon. Having just assisted a couple of sessions and mentally (and physically) preparing myself for the engineering tech fair, everyone on campus is polishing and updating their CV’s.

And so the famous section “Extracurricular Activities” should be filled. Dreaded by most students, this section of your resume is, what I believe, the best way to represent yourself, your values and your capacities. How? Why? Well I am going to answer those 2 very important questions right now…


Discovering French

4adc6bd1a44781225a87a6f3ab4992e4Hello there! My sincere apologies for not posting until now; I wanted to wait until I had completed enough activities to give a satisfying update.

Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you all for your efforts getting (and staying) into McGill. University applications are hard, and the transition from secondary education to post-secondary does take some getting used to. If you’ve read my bio, you already know that my posts will be focusing on the post post-secondary part of one’s career: what do you do after, what can you expect in terms of emotions and experiences, and how do you go about using your newly acquired degree? (more…)

One Major Criticism of the Workforce for Youths

images-2As a hardworking university student, if there was one major criticism of the workforce it would be this:


This is the beginning of a new year

painted start to the yearFall is here with its cold rain, bitter wind, and gray clouds. I can’t wait to walk through the crunchy leaves in the park. For me, fall is the deadline for squeezing in one last picnic, tea and hot chocolate, and delicious apples. Today, it also means cozying up with that someone special and getting some writing done. Additionally with all of this, the start of a new academic year is on my mind and probably also on yours. What does the new year bring for you? This month, I’ll share some of my tips/hints/strategies in surviving the wave of chaos in an ocean of daunting challenges. (more…)

Fish Out of Water

So much has happened since I got here in Montreal that I don’t even know where to begin.

It’s crazy how afish-out-of-water1fter today, exactly three weeks will have passed by since I first moved in to residence. I don’t know exactly how to describe the time itself, actually. It doesn’t seem like it’s been truly that long because classes have just started but at the same time it seems like I’ve been here forever, if that makes any sense. Between adapting to life in residence to adjusting to university, I’ve learned a lot about how much I don’t know.


The Life Lessons of Travel


Summer Vacation, a time to unwind and disconnect from our busy lives and soak in the sun for a well deserved rest. Temporarily shaking off the worries that come along with the stress of everyday working life was just the remedy I needed after a long year of teaching. Sandy beaches, tropical drinks, lathering on sunscreen and tanning oil while jumping into the ocean… Don’t get me wrong; although I adore my profession, I was more than ready to trade in my student logs, corrections and attendance sheets for this picturesque scenery.


Keep calm and be organized

ecard-organizationNever have time for your social life? Do you tend to always loose your belongings? Forget some important events? Always feel a bit lost? All these due to the fact that you’re too busy? Not really… the reality is that you’re simply not very organized!

As we all start a new year, we all set new goals that we want to realize by the end of the semester: improving our GPA, getting involved, healthy eating, etc. Those goals are all great but organization plays a major role to achieve them.


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