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Job Reflection: McGill student ambassador

picSo I just finished the last Campus Connect event last Friday, so this mean my role as a “McGill student ambassador” has come to an end… well, until next year! I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and highly recommend the position to anyone looking for a temporary, fun, on-campus job. Despite the fancy sounding position  title of “student ambassador”, the tasks entailed are pretty straightforward. To start off, McGill holds what are called Campus Connect events every april to may for new admitted and prospective students. It’s usually held at the McGill bookstore, and is basically like an information fair, where staff from enrollment services  give a 30 mins presentation on academics and campus life at McGill, then another 30 mins where different faculties have tables set up and students with their parents can go around, visit the different tables and ask questions. As  a student ambassador, you aid in setting up the event beforehand, then mingle in the crowd and answer students/their parents’ questions during the event. The event ends with a tour of the downtown campus and residences which is given by the student ambassador as well. The campus connect events are considered to be “yield” events by enrollment services which means, its goal is to persuade students that McGill is the place to be, and increase the ratio of acceptances sent out, and actual students enrolled. Basically, your job is to convince prospective students that McGill is awesome :) but also to give a realistic and personal view of the school and your faculty. It’s a very relaxed and fun position especially if small talk and conversing is your forte, and you get to know a bit more about McGill in the process as you go through learning how to lead a tour. Bet you didn’t know that James McGill (our founder) an a few remnants of his accountant is buried right here on campus in front of the Arts building!

I blogged about wanting to improve my communication and interpersonal skills previously, and for me, this was the main reason I took the job. The pay is not fantastic (minimum wage) and lower than my Kaplan Job, but I knew it would push me out of my comfort zone and into an area where I required improvement.  I think at this point in my life/career, the pay difference of a few bucks in a part-time job is not very significant, and so I prefer jobs where I will develop personally from it as well. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the position, would highly recommend it, and give it 2 thumbs up!

 On a side note, hiring for the position is usually in early March, and is posted on the CaPS myFuture website!

Advice About Grad School

gradschoolConsidering Grad School? It can be one of the most challenging and concurrently, rewarding experiences you can ever undergo. For some, grad school is an event that has been planned way ahead of time, and for others it is something you just find yourself falling into in between that period of graduation and finding your career. While everyone has their own reasons for applying and completing a graduate degree, going into the program for the right reasons is a major factor to consider. Graduate studies are lengthy, time consuming, financially draining and require serious dedication. Consequently, it is important to ask yourself the right questions before embarking on this extended journey.


End Of Semester Reflections

thAs the end of semester has abruptly come to a close and summer classes have quickly started approaching, I have begun my ritual end-of-session reflecting. As mentioned in my bio, I am at the very end of completing my M.A. in Educational Leadership and am a few credits away from graduation. Grad school isn’t as terrifying as I thought it would be, in fact, it has actually been quite enjoyable so far! Is it for everyone? Definitely not. Throughout my future posts, I plan to share with readers both the highs and the lows of being a grad student, along with an abundance of advice and guidance regarding graduate studies.


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions


So as you all know, I just finished my second year here at McGill in the Neuroscience program. But what you probably didn’t  know was that for the past 2 months, I have been contemplating switching into the Psychology program. I have already applied for an inter-faculty transfer, but I have not been approved yet, so for now, I am still in Neuroscience. Honestly, I suck at decisions. I’m not the type  that can just decide on something and move on. (more…)

First Day on the Job

So, today was my first day at my summer job. I’m working as a summer student as part of the summer lottery program in my hometown. Students apply, and are chosen by random draw. Around 1000 students applied, and about 120 students received jobs (more…)

Dog Days of Summer

It’s hard to believe that only a little more than a week ago, I was slaving over my notes, studying and cramming like every other student preparing for their final exams.

I am so glad those few weeks are finally over. Fast forward (more…)

That’s a wrap!


The Winter 2015 semester is officially over, and I’m officially done my second year of undergrad! Woo! You may have noticed some changes to the blog, especially the name change from “Future Careers” to “Campus Life and Future Careers”. While many of my posts will still be career/academics related, you will start to see more posts related to student life here at McGill and a glimpse into my life and what I am up to!

I am looking forward to a busy summer ahead of me as I will be working full time as a research assistant at the MNI, and part time as a CHEM222 TA and McGill tour guide. I will be continuing to blog this summer and expect that many of the posts will be medicine-related as I will be preparing to apply to  medical school in early fall!

Have a great summer guys!

How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle During University Life



As mentioned in some of my previous blog posts, it isn’t uncommon for our mental or physical health to suffer while we are in ‘cram-mode’ or ‘finals-mode’ during the end of semester. Finding the right balance and ensuring that we are prioritizing and organizing our hectic schedules is crucial to our ultimate success!


Lesser known studying spots on McGill Campus


Finals are fast approaching and the struggle to find a seat in the library is real.  This post is for students out there looking to get out of the Schulich – McLennan bubble and hit the books in quieter, less stuffy, alternative places, or just want a change of scenery!


“Undergraduate Study Room” in Rutherford:  This has officially been my go-to study place the past semester. It’s a tiny room (maybe about 10 desks) in an obscure corner of 1st floor Rutherford. There’s usually zero people (especially after 5 pm), has 2 functional computers, and right beside the physics lounge which has a microwave and a Foosball table. Yes, that’s right. A Foosball table, what more can you ask for? But a downside is if you’re not in physics, you do not after after-hours or weekend access.


The Summer Job Search Continues

summerjobThere’s only a month left of school, and my summer job search continues. I’d been hoping that I would have planned something out for the summer by now, but unfortunately, that is not the case. For the past few months,
I’ve been searching and applying for various jobs. I’m going home for the summer, so my job search vicinity is mainly for jobs in my hometown, which narrows down the possibilities a lot.


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