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Saving & Spending

christmas-shopping‘Tis the season where our banks accounts take a huge dip. In one month it is Christmas which means shopping for friends and family, on top of our already current expenses. Some people may be thinking “oh great, now not only do I have to pay rent, tuition, books, I also have to worry about the holiday”. But no fear, this is where budgeting and being smart with your money will come in handy.


Change is Constant

Every semester, I go through an ‘epiphany’ where I have a sudden realization of where my true passion lies. For that semester, I strut around campus confidently and certain that I have finally decided on my career path, just to experience another change of heart the following semester! It is exhausting to say the least! The uncertainty of not knowing what I want to be or what I will be doing in the future is daunting! However, I am glad that at McGill, I am (almost) able to change majors as much and as often as I want until I find that path I am destined to be on.


T-A or Not T-A

As I was lounging around and enjoying my break during the summer, I was suddenly struck by the realization that I should apply for some sort of TA, RA or grading position. I immediately started e-mailing all of the professors whose classes I particularly enjoyed and whose research work I found especially interesting. After a couple of weeks of radio silence, I slowly started receiving responses. To my dismay, none were positive. The bulk of the e-mails informed me that the department was responsible for assigning TA positions and applications had already passed. But one reply, from a professor I had briefly served as a research assistant in the past, explained that while she would not be teaching the course this semester, she would contact me in the winter to discuss a grading position. Thankfully, she forwarded my information to the professor instructing this semester and as it turns out, he was in need of an extra grader, which is how I ended up with the job.


Tunnel Your Way Around Campus

blocking-the-wayBrrr isn’t it cold outside? Temperatures are quickly approaching subzero, and the freezing descent has just started. It’s a hassle to put on winter attire between classes just to take them off a few minutes later. You will be pleasantly surprised there are plenty of ways to get around campus without ever exposing yourself to the chilly air.


Grappling with Plans for the Future

Tough Decisions Ahead Road SignHeads up: This is not so much advice as it is venting my feelings about the terrifying nature of changing one’s plans! (more…)

Just Take a Deep Breathe


relaxFirst I’d like to say congratulations to everyone reading this, you survived all your midterms whether it have only been one round or two. And you know what that means? Not only is the semester almost over, but that means finals are beginning in about 3 weeks. I don’t blame you if that last sentence terrifies you, because I would definitely agree with you.


Lookin’ Ahead to Grad School

Road-to-2015Hi Guys! So today I want to talk to you all about the scary but necessary thought of looking ahead. I have a lot of friends who are graduating this upcoming May, so, I keep hearing a lot about Grad School. It intrigued me to do some research myself and I’m really glad I did.


Impacting Your Education – Course Evaluations


As you all probably have heard and received many reminders about, course evaluations are now open for you to complete. Did you know for the past few years response rate has risen to 48%? Lend us your help to get push through 50%! Visit the McGill Mercury site now to complete your evaluations!

But what’s the big deal about these anyway? Does anyone care enough to read my responses? Fear not, sitting as the SSMU representative with the Course Evaluations Advisory Group is yours truly, and I’m here to say “Yes, your feedback is important!”


Canadian Law Schools- Part 3

meme-law-schoolHere we are at our final installment of the Canadian Law School series. So far, I’ve gone through the Ontario law schools who attended the McGill Pre-Law Society’s Canadian Law Forum, namely Osgoode, Ottawa and Queen’s. And I also discussed their shared application system, OLSAS. To wrap up the series, I’ll be relaying information provided by the representatives from McGill and the University of British Columbia.




The Power of Online Jobs

12096114_10153705970802863_5403893112642297305_nThis past semester I’ve been facilitating an online course taught through McGill called “Social Learning for Social Impact,” created by Professors Anita Novak, Henry Mintzberg, Leslie Breitner and Carlos Rueda. I had always been slightly skeptical about online jobs but I’ve never been so sure about the influence of the Internet until now. This course has made it possible for thousands of people from around the globe to connect, regardless of age, social background, pre-requisites, and location. (more…)

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