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How to get that internship?

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 9.50.28 PMAs the new semester starts more and more internships positions becomes available… But after spending from 1 hour to a couple of hours applying, the wait begins! And if you’re lucky enough you will get called for THE interview.

So here are 3 helpful tips to prep and prepare yourself for an interview:   (more…)

Say, “Cheese”


I finished another teaching assistantship last semester quite happily. I look forward to having the extra time, which perhaps is our most precious resource. I have really enjoyed teaching my students and sharing with them the wonders and in some cases the dangers of the lab. Most of my interactions and relationships with students are positive. I have always wanted to see the students achieve their goals in the course and in their career. As TAs, we are obviously in a position to guide student through a course, but sometimes we may even point student in the direction of obtaining an internship or honors project in a research lab. I am delighted to see that past students are doing well in their new positions in research labs. Even better is to hear what they learned was useful! I find this dynamic between TAs and students interesting. After all, TAs are themselves students. I am sure there are those who may believe the “A” in TA ends six letters short of “assistant”. For those of you trekking on into the new semester here are my two cents about getting along with your TA and forging a positive constructive relationship, which will undoubtedly be of benefit. (more…)

Considering Grad School? Tips for Application!

gradThe month of January has so many implications…it’s the start to a brand new year, it’s when we set our new resolutions and point out things we’d like to change and it is also the month when many programs have deadlines for applying to grad school.

When it came time for me to apply to grad school, I was quite intimidated…I didn’t have an extraordinary GPA (it was quite average), I didn’t remain on great terms with my professors (really, who does…they’re our teachers, not our friends) and I was uncertain of the competition that stood ahead of me. Nevertheless, I got the courage to begin writing my statement of purpose. As I went through the information regarding the application process, I realized that this information would have been a lot more useful had it found its way to me during my undergraduate.  So, if you are pursuing your undergraduate right now, hopefully these tips will be of assistance for you!


Career and happiness

happyEveryone wants a great career and everyone wants to be happy. Many times, people think “If I get a great job, then I’ll be set, and be happy”, but often times a great career cannot bring you happiness. Working as a physician for example, is considered a fantastic career; it provides meaningful service to society as well as great job security and monetary compensation. However, suicide rates among physicians are extremely high. You hear of many stories in the news where a well-respected physician with a loving family takes his/her own life. Just very recently, there was a suicide of a medical resident in Quebec that once again started the ongoing discussion of why so many physicians are unhappy, whether or not there is too much pressure and stress in the career of medicine.

I think what people should take away from this is that it’s important to know yourself and evaluate your desires before chasing after a career. Sure, everyone wants to be successful and have that sense of self-actualization, but if you don’t handle stress or workload well, or if having a successful family brings you more joy than a successful career, then I think career goals should be adjusted. I wish I could say for certain that I am currently pursuing the right career, but frankly I am still in the process of self-discovery and self-evaluation.  But then again, is there really such thing as a “right” career?

Maintaining a Healthy Balance Between School and Work

schoolworklifeSome call it the ultimate balancing act. We all need to survive and it can be tough out there. Sometimes your ten-hour weekend, part-time job can turn into a regular 25-30 hour gig… without you even noticing. Reasons behind this may be that coworker of yours who just the company left needs to be replaced, the Christmas holidays brought about more openings, business is booming, etc. whatever the excuse may be…your presence is needed, and what may seem like a good idea right now may have a negative impact later on.


New Year’s Resolutions

new yearHappy new year everyone! 2015 has officially arrived – but it will probably take me a couple of weeks before I stop absentmindedly writing 2014 on my paper.  Of course every year, people make new year’s resolutions, and apparently 70% of these are broken within the first month. Whether or not your new year’s resolutions are career-related, here are some helpful tips I have read that helps keep you on track:


New Year Goals

fireworksAs 2014 comes to an end, and the new year arrives, it is that time of the year again, when goals are made to make the next year better than the last. Whether it be finding a job, choosing to focus more on school or choosing to volunteer somewhere, making a personal goal to improve yourself is something good. (more…)

say YES

yesSo I watched the film Yes Man starring Jim Carrey the other day. While it was mostly a typical Jim Carrey comedy filled with sporadic crude humor and sexual innuendos, I do feel there was a powerful message behind it. The film depicts a man with a broken relationship in a dead-end job who although has supportive friends, turns down every invitation for social interaction, ignores phone calls and can’t be bothered to give anyone the time of day. However, after going to seminar preaching the power of saying Yes, he reluctantly becomes a “Yes man”. He starts answering Yes to every question thrown his way no matter how insane the request. Soon, his luck changes; he meets the girl of his dreams, gets a promotion and revives his friendships.


Getting Away From Montréal

Greetings from the Fort Lauderdale airport in sunny and humid Florida! I’m currently writing this post here because I unfortunately couldn’t get my computer to connect to the wifi where I was staying. I have the time to write because taking the plane back to Montreal usually means a delay, in my case, a delay of an hour.

This post is a little unconventional because I should be speaking about Montreal, however, as you all have probably found out, Montreal is not the most welcoming place in the winter. It also has a winter of approximately 6 long excruiatingly cold months, which is why a lot of Québécois families travel to Florida. No, not just anywhere in America, but pretty much the wonderfully warm and palm tree-filled state of Florida. These people are endearingly referred to as “snowbirds”. Or, people who want to have the best of both worlds (if you love summer, like I do).


What School can Teach us About the World of Work

svwThe key to getting good grades in school and to becoming a valuable asset in a company are quite similar, in fact…they are almost identical. Realistically we come to school to learn and apply the material (what we learn in class) to our own separate fields in the future. However, if we look more closely at this broad spectrum and magnify the actually structure of school and what it entails, we will find ourselves in an ‘alternate’ work environment.


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