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Gearing up for the Summer

jobpic With an entire week of no class ahead of us, reading week seems like a good opportunity to hunker down and finally figure out what to do with our four months of summer, if we haven’t done so already. There are many different (more…)

Don’t hesitate to re-apply!

picLast year, I applied to the job of student ambassador for McGill, a position that involves greeting incoming and perspective students at welcome events and sharing various aspects of student life here at McGill. I went to the interview, but did not ending up getting the job. When I got an email in my inbox this year that hirings were happening again, I was indecisive about whether or not to apply again. While on one hand, I felt I would definitely enjoy and benefit from the job, I wondered if maybe I wasn’t what they were looking for, as I had been rejected last year. In the end, I decided to send in my CV and cover-letter, and to my pleasant surprise, I was hired for the 2015 year. During the interview this year, the interviewer actually mentioned that she remembered me from last year, and that I was a strong candidate last year, but was not hired because it was my first year and McGill and she didn’t feel I had experienced McGill enough to act as a student ambassador.

What I want to share from this experience is that never be put off from a job because of rejection, and always consider re-applying if that job is something you want. There is absolutely nothing to lose in re-applying, but there’s a whole lot to gain. Being rejected one time doesn’t mean you’re not a good candidate, it only means that at that time, there were simply stronger candidates for that job.  Work to improve yourself and your CV and you will improve your chances for the second (or third) time around.

How to Make the Most of Reading Week



No tropical vacation planned? Not to worry, there is still plenty to be done and distractions are not an option. We all know the usual routine, once we arrive home from that last class at the start of spring break, we take a deep breath in and before we know it, it’s over! Try to take precaution and use everyday carefully to ensure that it doesn’t seem like it’s over before it has even started. Here are a few tips to make the most of your spring break, take a look:


How to deal with stress


Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 11.50.02 AMWe all have to deal with stress! Some of us know how to deal with it but other don’t handle it very well ( especially during exam time). But the sooner you know how to deal with it the better since stress will ALWAYS be part of your life: in your studies, in your job, and of course in your personal life.


Finding a summer research job


This time of early February is a great time to begin your search for a summer research job. Although entry level research can be tedious at times (you’re often assigned to do repetitive work), they can also be very enjoyable and a fantastic learning experience while earning money. For me personally, I found that most of the biology knowledge that has stuck with me, has been those learned during my hours in the research lab. Lecture information is often forgotten quickly after the final exam and not consolidated into memory because of the lack of hands-on integration.

Landing that first research job is often tough (especially for first years), because you don’t have prior experience, and do not have an in depth knowledge of any specific areas of science due to the lack of a major. However, I believe you can certainly make up of that with enthusiasm, and doing some background reading prior to applying.

I had previously written a post on tips of where/how to find research jobs, so check that out, but meanwhile, here are some additional research opportunities:

  1. Apply for an NSERC: these are undergraduate student research awards that allows you to spend a summer in a professor’s lab working on a project of your own. Deadlines for applications are coming up very soon!
  2. Check out the myFuture job database: many lab positions are posted here, at various times throughout the year.
  3. Email professors directly to inquire about openings in their lab: make sure you have an up-to-date CV and learn about the professor’s research beforehand.
  4. Join the Student Research Initiative: this is a student club at McGill, and they have many connections with labs, and often post about job and internship opportunities!

Best of luck on the summer job search!

How To Land Your Dream Job (Or Lead You To It)

djLooking for a job? During the last couple of years, on more than one occasion, my classmates mentioned to me their difficulty finding a job upon graduation. A good friend of mine actually just graduated with a B.A. in Sociology from Concordia and has been searching for a job for a year now, and has come up dry. Is the job market shrinking or are we not looking in the right places? Students come out of university packed with newfound knowledge, ready to take on the world, but have been coming up empty handed. Before we even start looking for work…or dare I say our dream job, it is important that our focus is properly directed. I have listed three factors that are very important when it comes to eventually landing the job of our dreams:


Getting Involved

dance So it’s been a month since our return to school. New semester, new stuff going on. Activities have continued on from first semester, but there have been a bunch of other opportunities to get involved. There have been events put on by Rez Life for those in Rez, like an in Rez Activities Night. There was also a (more…)

Volunteering in the MTL Roller Derby League

Roller derby season is just around the corner, and I can barely wait! For those of you that don’t know, roller derby is chaos, adrenaline, diversity, community, and much more. (more…)

How to get that internship?

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 9.50.28 PMAs the new semester starts more and more internships positions becomes available… But after spending from 1 hour to a couple of hours applying, the wait begins! And if you’re lucky enough you will get called for THE interview.

So here are 3 helpful tips to prep and prepare yourself for an interview:   (more…)

Say, “Cheese”


I finished another teaching assistantship last semester quite happily. I look forward to having the extra time, which perhaps is our most precious resource. I have really enjoyed teaching my students and sharing with them the wonders and in some cases the dangers of the lab. Most of my interactions and relationships with students are positive. I have always wanted to see the students achieve their goals in the course and in their career. As TAs, we are obviously in a position to guide student through a course, but sometimes we may even point student in the direction of obtaining an internship or honors project in a research lab. I am delighted to see that past students are doing well in their new positions in research labs. Even better is to hear what they learned was useful! I find this dynamic between TAs and students interesting. After all, TAs are themselves students. I am sure there are those who may believe the “A” in TA ends six letters short of “assistant”. For those of you trekking on into the new semester here are my two cents about getting along with your TA and forging a positive constructive relationship, which will undoubtedly be of benefit. (more…)

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