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Being Sure Of The Most Time-Consuming Part Of Life

 It’s a long title, but I couldn’t think of a more accurate way to put it. Now that it’s December, two important things spring to my mind: winter break, and submitting the personal statement to my application for the Masters of Information Studies at McGill. One of these is exciting to think about, and the other I would rather just not. Of course, being the OCD and anxious person I am, I have actually thought about it a lot (mostly when I’m trying to sleep), and frankly, it scares me.  (more…)

A Study Guide to Success – What you may Already Know, but Aren’t Doing


Are we doomed to succumb to all-nighters and caffeine binges until the long-awaited day of graduation? Are we obliged to be fueled by nothing more than blind panic, black coffee and energy drinks? I certainly hope not…I mean, after all, we are McGillians and while we knowingly signed up for this fate upon beginning school, there has to be an alternative to reclaim our social lives!


All Nighters

D1331CoffeePosterspLast week, for the first time in my life I pulled an all nighter. It was somewhat intentional however. I’ve always been used to doing things on time and being organized, so I thought I should see what its like and what works better. I figured that doing things on time is ultimately better, but all nighters do have some advantages too.



slippery-slope-3Once you get behind in something, it is just the beginning of a slippery slope. Take me, for instance. Spending hours late at night on a particularly challenging assignment meant that I slept through more than a few classes. I still need to catch up on those lectures, while keeping up with current material. And then there is that other assignment assigned to replace the one that was slaved over and completed only a few nights ago.


Getting out of your comfort zone

comfort zoneI am and probably will always be an introvert. While I’m fully capable of initiating and engaging in conversation with strangers, it’s not something I seek out voluntarily, nor is it something I enjoy. But here I am, 3 months into my new job as Campus Representative for Kaplan Inc; a job in which approaching strangers, engaging in small talk and promoting Kaplan’s services describes my role in its entirety. Needless to say, it has not been the most comfortable experience for me, but it’s been an amazing learning experience and I feel it has benefited my personal development more than any job I have ever taken upon.


Stress coping 101

stress imageFinals are here! Meaning stress levels are at an all time high. I think learning how to deal and reduce stress is one of the most important things to learn, and useful not only during these weeks leading up to exams, but also in the future workplace. Confession: I am terrible at dealing with stress. When stressed with workload, I have the tendency to mentally list everything I have to do, and the time frame that I have to do it in, which as expected, stresses me out even further.  This is one area I’ve been trying to improve on for the longest time, and want to share some methods I’ve tried or come across, which will hopefully help some of you guys who are in the same boat as me :)


At the crossroads

cross roadsI’ve entered into writing mode of late.  Consequently, I’ve been also trying to figure out what the next step in my career to take. Do I want to apply for a job in industry or stay in academic research longer? Should I take a post-doc position or work for a government agency of sorts? George Thorogood’s “Get a Haircut” is haunting me. After all it is time to, “get a haircut and get a ‘real job’”. Perhaps we can derive some career “advice” from the blues. (more…)

To Cram or Not to Cram?

Exhausted Student Falling Asleep While CrammingWith final exams rolling around the corner, this is about the time when students begin panicking. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, they initiate their ritual late-night cram-sessions and caffeine binges in order to catch up on their schoolwork. This is the time when students tend to revisit or even relearn concepts they should have mastered by now. I am all too familiar with this process; after all, I am a teacher…and yes, we can tell.


7 Tips And Tricks For A (Customer Service) Job

In no particular order of significance:

1. Buy a comfortable pair of shoes. (more…)

Exploring Montreal

montreal-winter-cityscape-pierre-leclerc During Thanksgiving, one of my friends from Ottawa decided to pay me a visit. I hadn’t seen her in about a year and it just so happened that she planned on coming to Montreal to visit her sister, and I wasn’t going home for Thanksgiving. She actually came to Montreal the weekend before Thanksgiving and we had planned on meeting up then, but…that didn’t exactly work out.

It was Saturday (more…)

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