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The Healthy Lifestyle

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 9.17.02 PMHere comes autumn the midterm season!  Over-stressed students, all nighters, non-stop caffeine intake and not to forget the cram up library, yes what a beautiful season it is! So if you’re reading this, try to at least have a stroll outside, check the beautiful colours and enjoy the last strays of the sun before winter comes.
The main problem, I feel everyone is probably experiencing is that somehow with all of our midterms; we also have assignments, papers and webwork due that same week…  With all that work, being HEALTHY is certainly not on our list of priorities.


Falling Short

picStarting from age 6, we’re put in school and taught a plethora of things, from arithmetic to language; things that are supposed to lead us to a successful future. However, what we were never taught is what to do and how to react when success doesn’t come our way. This can mean not getting that grade you desperately need for some graduate program, applying to a handful of jobs and not securing any, and so forth.

I think knowing how to deal with the absence of success (note my deliberate avoidance of the word failure) in a positive way is a vital skill for moving forward, and reaching your career goals. By no means am I an expert advice giver on this topic, but I feel I have come a long way from my old Netflix-binge-watching-with-a-tub-of-ice-cream approach to dealing with falling short .


Your Nails Might be the Reason You Don’t Get the Job

 french_manicure_443“People respond to how you dress so like it or not this is what you have to do.” – Harvey Specter, Suits

My favorite fictional character and unrealistic idol makes a great point. After working at a law firm over the summer, I got close to some of the people working there. I encountered some of relationships between your appearance and getting hired. There was an amazing office manager who was on top of everything. She ran the entire office and conducted all the intern interviews. What she told me (which was definitely not what I thought), definately changed my life in terms of how I will conduct and appear during future interviews.


Career Opportunities Are In The Air



October…the time we begin to bundle up and slowly make our way into hibernation mode due to our hectic schedules, demands, deadlines and of course, midterms! This is the time of month when studying and preparation take precedence over enjoying the last few rays of sunshine that peek through the autumn sky. October is a month of anticipation, a month of thanks and of freight…filled with many upcoming career-related events. Other than Thanksgiving and Halloween, another important event to incorporate ourselves into this month would be to participate all the career opportunities that surround us.


Confidence Is Key

confidence_1It’s been a couple of weeks, but I’m back! I would’ve liked to post something earlier, but unfortunately I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off due to all the assignments, homework, tests, and presentations I’ve had in just the last two, three weeks.  (more…)

Getting into research

research_picHi everyone!

For my first ever post on this blog, I’m going to be writing about research!

As every science student knows, having research experience is very useful and highly looked upon, whether you are applying for masters, PhD, or even medical school. It wasn’t until I actually tried my hand at research that I realized why this might be so. Being involved in research forces you to think critically, and to become a self-directed learner. You’re no longer just memorizing the facts given to you in a lecture and providing them during an exam; instead, you’re asking your own questions and finding your own answers, whether it be through your own experiment, or reading published literature. I remember the first published research article that I read. It was 4 pages long, and took me over 5 hours to read (I googled basically every-other word), and in the end I only had a hazy idea of what it was saying.
Now how do you actually get involved in research?


The Silver Lining of Missing Out

5149283023_2f41929ebaI believe there’s already a post geared towards the benefits of volunteering, but since that’s what I’ve been doing during my French classes, it doesn’t hurt for me to talk about my own experiences.

But before I get into the bulk of this post, I’d like to publicly admit (more…)

Chemical Control

labpicThe first time I walked into the basement of the Otto Maass building, a familiar sense of deja vu washed over me. The brightly lit walls, the clinical feel, and the casual passerby clad in lab gear brought me back
to the summer months when I worked. Everyday I would push through the heavy double doors leading to a much more familiar room in a strangely similar basement.


Dare To Compare – or Should we Steer Clear?



As the first month of university courses has come to end, by this point we have all earned some “constructive criticism” from our professors, peers and employers. This is the time of year when everything seems so fresh and these are the precious moments when we try to build our foundation and reputation in order to start the school year off right. However, as the season changes, so do many of our moods. You may have heard these phrases blurted on several occasions during this time of year: “Why did he/she get the job instead of me?” “Why did he/she receive a grant instead of me?” “Why did he/she receive a higher grade?” “It’s not fair!” (more…)

Lessons from the Pumpkin Patch

pumkinThis semester has proven to be full of obstacles and possibilities. This weekend was no exception. One of this weekends adventures was pumpkin picking hosted by PGSS. This was a new experience for me. This turned into more than a relaxing fall outing. This weekend has reminded me of many lessons in succeeding. I have decided to shares a few of the lessons learned while pumpkin picking with you all. (more…)

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