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Peace out first year!


As finals are coming up, this marks the one of my last blog posts of the year end and the end of first year at McGill. My first year is ending with a foster cat, a job at Banana Republic, a planned trip to Italy and the Greek Islands in the summer, and some amazing memories with amazing people. All that I’ve learnt about life has been insane in the past year. Read on for some advice and regrets of a first year McGill student.


A quick look at LinkedIn

based-impressive-workplace-ecard-someecardsNothing compares with your online resume. You own it. You have total control over the information contained in it. It gives you so much exposure within your industry, not to mention the effects on your reputation and credibility.

Lately, some successful platforms such as LinkedIn have developed tremendous SEO tools to keep you on top of the list when you look for new challenges. LinkedIn offers to build up your reputation and contact or be contacted by decision makers with basic and free features, and others, more advanced, at a fee. To pay for some added features is entirely up to you since LinkedIn offers tools that help you manage your information in real time and build up your contacts. The time you spend and accessibility might improve if you take your wallet out.

Personally, I have not paid a cent since I started using it back in 2009 but let me tell you I invested a lot of time!


The Dreaded Statement of Intents for Graduate School

Statements of Intent tell a condensed version of your life story, highlighting your key life events, your passions and future aspirations. (more…)

Coping with Pre-Exam Stress

With the winter semester coming to a close and end of semester stress currently in full swing, the mere thought of the countless of projects and papers due right before final exams start is enough to make me break out in cold sweat. Anxiety is a terrible thing, and can leave you overwhelmed and exhausted without having done anything. Below are a few of my tips to get through the stressful time of year!


Summers: you only have a few of them before life begins

After some overtly excited planning for a EuroTrip with my friend this summer, my family put the cap on me. I told my aunt about our awesome plans of traveling all around Europe  and all the places we wanted to see. But my aunt just told me “you only have 4 summers before applying to grad school. Summer is the only time where you don’t have school work and you can dedicate all of your time to building on your hands-on skills”.


Why Generation Y has turned :) into $

We happen to be the youngest generationBetter-Than-Money entering the workforce, and what do we want?! To not never ever work and infinitely enjoy the student life but with a millionaire’s budget! When do we want it?? Now!!

Okay, shenanigans and day dreaming aside, what do we actually want in our ideal workplace? S0me time to actually live while we work, and it so happens that well, thats profitable.  (more…)




School can be very unmotivating sometimes. Sometimes I ask myself why I am reading things I don’t really care about, sometimes I wonder why I’m studying when I know I’m probably going to fail that test, sometimes I wonder what I want to do with my life. I question myself, and find myself unmotivated for school, and sometimes, unmotivated to do anything. What can you do when you feel unmotivated?


What we are not told about going on exchange


For most of us, if not all, going on exchange is seen as the opportunity to travel the world, meet people from all corners of the world and have the time of our life. I am not saying it is not that. But we are so excited that the arrival in your host country might be harder than expected. Here is what we have never been told about going on exchange.


Why do an internship?

interns-wantedWe are very often being told by friends, advisers and profs that we have to do internships to gain experience, discover the corporate world and differentiate ourselves from others.

Finding an internship is not that easy especially if you’re looking for one in your home country while you’re still in Montreal. Word of mouth, networking, family’s acquaintances are usually the best ways to find what you are looking for. But why put so much effort into it? What does it bring us? (more…)

Know your rights as an employee!

rightsforallworkersSure, discrimination in the workplace in 2013 seems a bit rare and scandalous (newly proposed Charter of Values I am looking at you) , but I can almost guarantee you, you have been a victim of rights violation at a point or another either in a job’s selection process or at the workplace. Whether direct or systematic, pre-employment discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, civil status, sexual orientation, age, ethnic origin, among others, have tainted the pages of Canadian labour history for decades. In fact, although the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms section on the “prohibition of discriminatory questions in employment application forms or during employment-related interviews” has been around since 1982, there are still illegal discriminatory actions taking place everyday in many Canadian workplaces (like a lot) (Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, 1982). And who is the main group affected here? Well, us, students in our “ignorance is bliss” kind of state. So listen up guys and keep reading; know your rights when it comes to recruitment and employment in general. (more…)

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