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3 of our bloggers will be sticking around this summer and sharing their challenges and adventures with you.

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Lisa Trotto

lisaHello Everyone!

I am a third year graduate student completing an M.A. in Educational Leadership. I am a Montreal native with Italian roots. I have been working as both an ESL adult education teacher and a private teacher in a children’s rehabilitation centre for the past four years. My future aspiration is to become a Vice-Principal and promote diversified and educational improvement at all levels.

I hope to take you through the ups and downs of grad. school and assist you in the field of leadership so that you will all strive to exceed your established ambitions! I am a strong believer in life-long learning and feel as though in a world that is constantly changing, you can never stop educating yourself and growing as a person!

I will be giving you strategies on networking, organization, time management, climbing the social ladder and tips for success! I hope to also touch upon culture, travel, technology, the changing field of education and the world of work along the way. I am looking forward to your comments and questions! Hopefully my blog posts will assist you in both your educational journeys and future careers!


Sandy Wong

sandyHello, dear readers! My name is Sandy Wong and I will be a first year U0 student in the Faculty of Science. This is the first time I have lived outside of my awesome hometown, Windsor, Ontario. I expect the transition from living at home to living in a dorm to be a challenge, but it’s one I am eager to face, and possibly write about. Throughout high school, I’ve had a few jobs. I hope to continue working throughout school—I am very excited to share my past, present, and future job search experiences with others. Perhaps you’ve noticed that I haven’t mentioned what I’m majoring in, or what I hope to pursue. That is something I hope to figure out soon within my first year here. There are many opportunities available throughout the year for students to inform themselves to plan for their future careers. These events I fully intend to attend, and will gladly share the dates and times and information on these opportunities as well as some of my own thoughts.

Despite my seeming lack of direction major-wise, I do enjoy volunteering and investing my time in many hobbies. Prom was my excuse to make my own Duck Tape attire, which I suppose is the most worth mentioning of my artsy crafty projects. I’ve played piano for a great deal of my life, and very much enjoy it. When I’m not studying, eating, and listening to music simultaneously you can probably find me curled up reading a book or writing (probably rewriting) something on the computer. Or doodling, that happens a lot too.

I’m really no expert, but I hope that by reading about my own learning experiences, others out there will learn something new or helpful. And possibly be entertained.


Sharon Yang

I’m Sharon, a current U1 neuroscience student here at McGill, and one of your CaPS bloggers for this year! I currently work as a McGill campus rep for Kaplan, and as a student researcher up at the Montreal Neurological Institute investigating the genetics behind leukodystrophies! In my spare time, I play for the McGill Varsity badminton team, and am a saxophonist with the McGill Fantasia Jazz band, much to the horror my roommate who has to endure my endless practicing.

I am currently in pursuit of medical school, in hopes of one day contributing to the area of pediatric neurology.

I hope to share useful advice and funny stories in the areas of work-finding (as someone who speaks only English in this competitive bilingual city), volunteering, research, and anything else that may pop up into my mind that remotely relates to career and personal development! Reach me at sharon_yang034@hotmail.com if you want to have a chat (especially if topics include badminton and anything related to brains)!




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