3 Steps to Striving Through Uncertain Times – Living your Questions

The feeling of uncertainty is hard to describe, but we have all felt it. It can be the doubt that inhibits action, the lack of conviction in a particular choice, or the ambiguity surrounding the future. We will all go through phases when everything familiar seems to change – starting a new career, moving to a new city, losing a loved one, starting a new relationship. For some people, graduating from university is one of those times, specifically graduating without any specific plans.


An Unexpected Trip to Thailand – Relearning to Trust Myself

Diligent monkey who stole my water bottle

I often hear people say that they love to travel. Perhaps it’s because I grew up in China and have already experienced a culture different from Western culture, but I never saw the appeal – or rather the benefit – of traveling. I couldn’t understand how escaping one’s own life to find meaning in a stranger’s life could benefit the traveler once he or she returns home. Interestingly enough, through a series of events, I found myself solo-traveling in Thailand for the past two months. My experiences were far from what my biases predicted.


say YES

yesSo I watched the film Yes Man starring Jim Carrey the other day. While it was mostly a typical Jim Carrey comedy filled with sporadic crude humor and sexual innuendos, I do feel there was a powerful message behind it. The film depicts a man with a broken relationship in a dead-end job who although has supportive friends, turns down every invitation for social interaction, ignores phone calls and can’t be bothered to give anyone the time of day. However, after going to seminar preaching the power of saying Yes, he reluctantly becomes a “Yes man”. He starts answering Yes to every question thrown his way no matter how insane the request. Soon, his luck changes; he meets the girl of his dreams, gets a promotion and revives his friendships.


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