“So Good They Can’t Ignore You”


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When we look at people who are satisfied with their career, we will often see that they are passionate and love what they do. Successful people may be passionate, but does solely following your passion lead to success? As a young, inexperienced, and slightly restless university graduate who can no longer hide within the structures of student life, this question has been yearning for an answer. (more…)

Lesser known studying spots on McGill Campus


Finals are fast approaching and the struggle to find a seat in the library is real.  This post is for students out there looking to get out of the Schulich – McLennan bubble and hit the books in quieter, less stuffy, alternative places, or just want a change of scenery!


“Undergraduate Study Room” in Rutherford:  This has officially been my go-to study place the past semester. It’s a tiny room (maybe about 10 desks) in an obscure corner of 1st floor Rutherford. There’s usually zero people (especially after 5 pm), has 2 functional computers, and right beside the physics lounge which has a microwave and a Foosball table. Yes, that’s right. A Foosball table, what more can you ask for? But a downside is if you’re not in physics, you do not after after-hours or weekend access.


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