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‘Tis the Season to Make Extra Cash

Andrew Stevenson

Christmas is coming up. This typically means damage to the bank account, but that doesn’t have to be the case. With all the time on our hands during the break, it’s the perfect time to get a seasonal job. Whether you’re going home or staying in Montréal, it’s a chance earn a little extra cash to keep you afloat this Christmas season.

Retail, shipping, restaurants, tourist attractions and catering companies are hiring. There is a massive increase in shoppers during this season, and that means many places will need extra help. It may be a good idea to try and land a job at a store that you shop, or will be buying gifts from, as you will probably get a discount. This equals SAVING money and EARNING money, could it get any better? (more…)

The Incomplete Guide to Funding Applications

Stacy Dikareva

Last week, I completed my first round of scholarship applications to fund my grad studies starting in January.  Being a rookie of the whole ‘fund your own grad studies’ venture I must admit I did not expect it to be so time consuming. And to think that I wasn’t even applying to a major agency! Though hard advisory is not really my function on here, I thought it would still be a worthwhile idea to share my experience (errors included) and possibly spare you moments of heartache next time you venture into the funding abyss. (more…)

Have Fun, Live Life, and be Cheap

Andrew Stevenson

University students can often find their wallets very thin, their bank accounts flirting with single digit numbers (or sometimes the ever scary negatives), and debts steadily climbing. In this post I’m going to share some tips to living less frivolously but still comfortably.

Living: If you are from out of town, living can be the biggest expense, and will probably be bigger than your tuition bill. The best way to lower this bill is to find a cheap place to live. A.k.a. not the student ghetto. The ghetto may be convenient and have cute places, but it is over-priced. Being an ex-Solinite, I was not afraid to look beyond the Ghetto. I chose to live in the Plateau: a trendy, hip and exciting neighbourhood a little further away from campus. By doing this, yes I have to bike fifteen minutes to school (or about a 20 minute metro ride), but I am saving sometimes over $200 per month by living further from campus.


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