How to Negotiate a Job Offer – Workshop Overview

Life is full of negotiations and compromises. However, when we think about negotiating a job offer, the stereotypes of greedy, bossy and uncommitted people quickly surface. Many people fear that negotiating a job offer will lead to tension in the workplace, or even cause them to lose an offer*. Consequently, many people shy away from negotiating and from asking for a better work experience for themselves. To help us navigate the complexities of negotiating a job offer, McGill’s Career Planning Services (CaPS) hosted a workshop called “Negotiating Your Academic Job Offer” on March 30th, presented by Dr. Niem Huynh, as part of the Academic Career Week. Here, I summarize the main strategies for negotiating a job offer.


Be Friendly

previewI’ve been watching these videos that some McGill grads have been making on Youtube — Generation Y. They’ve essentially been recording themselves doing things they’ve never tried before. One of the main lessons they try to convey is that being friendly is key. We all hear about how important “networking” is. But there is a bit of a negative stigma on networking nowadays because it’s perceived as cheating the importance of working hard towards an education. In reality, networking is real life practice of the important skill of friendliness.


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