Day 10: March 7, 2015

On Saturday, March 8th, we awoke in paradise. Not having had time to fully enjoy the resort on the previous evening, we stayed at the Bambu Indah for a few hours. This allowed us to take full advantage of the view, the tree house, the pool, the massage services, and all of the other amenities that the hotel had to offer. Some of us woke up early for a yoga session; others went hiking and trash-picking with John Hardy. All of us appreciated the well-needed hours of relaxation after the intensity of the preceding days.

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Before leaving Bali, we met with Frank Faust, founder of Pro Surf School. Frank told us his life story, which turned out to be a prime example of the success and happiness one can achieve by following one’s passions. An avid surfer in his youth, Frank left his marketing consultant position in London, England to move to Bali and, through his skill and passion, he was able to overcome initial obstacles and start a successful surfing school.

Beyond sharing his life story, Frank, told us about the history of the surfing Bali, from its simple beginnings in the 1980s to the massive industry it is today. He felt it was particularly important to recognize the factors that had allowed Bali to become a major surfing and tourism destination today: a large airport dating back to World War II to make it accessible to tourists, a unique Hindu culture, and some of the best surfing waves found anywhere in the world. One important point that he made was that the hotel market in Bali was becoming saturated. With 50,000 – 90,000 hotel rooms available for an estimated 11.5 million tourists per year, with equal distribution of tourists and maximum room-use, each hotel room can only be occupied for one third of the year. Due to this intense oversupply of hotel rooms, Frank felt that it would be best for businesses to look elsewhere for future development. This point gave us insight into the importance of analyzing changes in markets in determining business strategies.


After leaving Pro Surf School, we loaded our bus and drove to the Bali airport, which would be our last destination in Indonesia. Many of us were sad to leave such a beautiful and exciting country, but we would have a brief layover in Doha to look forward to before our eventual return to Montreal.


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