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You may be scratching your head, wondering what on Earth the 5 Hot Cities of the World Tour is. Let us share with you, and then allow us to bring you into our simple plan to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty. Let’s start with what the tour is.

The 5 Hot Cities of the World Tour is a novel and groundbreaking course offered by McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management that brings our students out of the classroom and their comfort zones, and right into the hotbeds of economics, commerce, culture, finance, and national competitiveness. Taught by McGill University’s Professor Karl Moore, the current tour is on its third leg to India with its biggest cohort yet. Our students, accompanied by Moore, will travel to India for 10 days to witness for themselves the incredible growth of India, and amidst company visits will sample the depth of culture India has to offer.

Although the format is similar to previous tours, there is one huge difference this year.  As part of the 5 Hot Cities: India 2011 curriculum, the students are required to raise funds using social media while on the trip, and to give these funds away at the end of the trip to sponsor the education of underprivileged girls. In this campaign that the students fondly titled “Ten by Five Thousand”, the class will try to raise CAD$5,000 in only 10 days, the amount which will be matched dollar-for-dollar by corporations that have pledged to donate before the students even embarked on the trip. All proceeds will go straight to the locally-esteemed Nanhi Kali Foundation, the direct non-profit arm of the Mahindra & Mahindra Group.

Here’s what you can do. Help the students break the intergenerational cycle of poverty by donating any amount you wish, however small it may be. We suggest you start with CAD$5. After all, $5 is all a girl in India needs per month to complete her lower education. Did we mention that the $5 gets her shoes, clothes and undergarments too? It’s incredible how little it takes to change someone else’s life.

Whether you’ve donated or not, the next thing you can do is to pay it forward by sending the website link to your own network of caring individuals. When we all pay it forward, we can reach more than 1,000 people on the net in 10 days. And if 1,000 people donate CAD$5 each, then we will have raised CAD$5,000.

And did we mention that this amount will be matched by corporate sponsors? A mere CAD$5,000 will be doubled – just like that. Give small, contribute BIG. It’s the best way forward.

Pay it forward – Are you in?

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