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| Israel 2009 | Dubai 2010 | India 2011  | South Africa 2012 |

| Russia 2013 | Mongolia and South Korea 2014 |


The Hot Cities of the World Tour is a novel and groundbreaking course offered by McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management that brings our students out of the classroom and their comfort zones, and right into the hotbeds of economics, commerce, culture, finance, and national competitiveness.

This February, 30 some Students and Alumni from McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management will travel to Hong Kong and Indonesia to gain firsthand experience on doing business in there. We will visit local as well as multi-national companies based in Hong Kong and Indonesia and speak to various business leaders. As a part of our trip, we would be visiting Doha, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Bali.

Why simply visit these cities when we have the ability to make a difference?

The McGill MBA and management undergraduates, who hail from different cities across the world, will put social media to the test: By sharing their experiences through video and written blogs, the students aim to raise awareness for a chosen charity in Jakarta. The Desautels students aim to raise a total of $20,000 through individual donations and corporate sponsorship by 1st March, 2015 and to create awareness among at least 10,000 Canadians for this cause. This innovative fundraising enterprise captures this generation’s ability to use the power of social media to spread a positive message and to make a difference.

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