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Message from Professor Karl Moore

Karl Moore

Karl Moore

The Desautels Faculty of Management, always a trend setter in novel and inventive teaching practices is gearing up for the sixth installment of the Hot Cities tour. With this course we bring our students out of the classrooms and out of their comfort zones to emerging hotbeds of economy, commerce and culture, hence the slogan of the trip, Taking the Future to the Future. By providing the students the opportunity to travel to far flung parts of the world to meet with CEOs and other senior executives from leading multi-nationals and local firms and experiencing firsthand what it feels to do business in these parts of the world, we are equipping the students with experiences to last a life-time. The Hot Cities tour started with Israel in 2009, Abu Dhabi in 2010, India in 2011, South Africa in 2012, Russia in 2013 and this year we are heading to Ulaan Baator, Mongolia and Seoul, South Korea.

Three years ago, we added a social component to this trip and through a student-run social media initiative; we raised around $18,000 for education of girls in India and helped make a difference to the lives of 180 girls. In 2012, we supported an exciting, comprehensive and sustainable charity organization, the Ubuntu Education Fund. This Port Elizabeth based organization is battling grave challenges – 100% incoming children infected with or directly affected by HIV, 75% children from highly unstable or unsafe households and not even a single child who can read at the right age. With a cradle to career approach, Ubuntu endeavors to transform the lives of the children in Port Elizabeth through health support, household stability and education support. I cannot help but think about my children Erik (17) and Marie-Eve (15) and what their lives might be like if they were growing up the part of Port Elizabeth served by Ubuntu.  Last year in Russia we worked with the Kitezh Children’s Community, a Russian organization that fosters children who have experienced stressful situations and childhood trauma. Kitezh aims to provide children with a safe and peaceful environment in villages outsides of Moscow.

Too many of my generation flew business class, lectured emerging economies about the theory of markets, and then flew back home. This generation is doing it better; they fly at the back of the plane with only their knapsacks, show up in the country they want to learn about, roll up their sleeves and plunge right in, and they ask: How can WE help? It is in this spirit of humility and genuine concern for others that we ask for your support. Help in a small but important way, by Paying it Forward. Spread our message, and help us make a change. In many ways, this year’s slogan for the trip should aptly be: Helping Make a Future for the Future.

Karl Moore

Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University

Associate Professor at McGill University

Associate Fellow at Green Templeton College, Oxford Univeristy

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