Have questions about the transition from CenterStage to D2? See the FAQs below for more information on this project.

Will CenterStage be immediately deprecated in Spring 2017?
CenterStage will not be immediately deprecated in Spring 2017.  The migration will occur in stages and CenterStage will continue to support legacy spaces until they are migrated to D2.

Will there be a migration schedule for the various CenterStage spaces?
Yes, the migration schedule will be compiled and made available to users ahead of time.

Will existing files, documents and permissions in CenterStage be automatically transitioned to D2?
Yes, existing files and documents will be automatically and securely transitioned to D2.  Also, all permissions will remain the same.

Will the information currently stored on CenterStage be transferred in its original format to D2?
Yes, all document formats will be preserved.  Wikis, blogs, discussions and data tables are not supported by D2 and alternative options for these are currently being investigated.

Will I be able to use both CenterStage and D2 simultaneously?
D2 and CenterStage will run in parallel for a period of time.  The use of spaces will be mutually exclusive depending on the migration status. In other words, non-migrated spaces will not be able to operate in D2.

When will D2 training begin?
The training will begin close to the go-live date in Spring 2017.

I would like to request a CenterStage space now, but is it better to wait until Spring 2017 when D2 is released?
New CenterStage spaces can continue to be requested and utilized for the time being, since all files will be automatically transferred and available in D2.

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