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Ford SVT pushing forward as Ford Performance!

Check it out! One of our diamond sponsors, Ford SVT, has undergone a name change; they are now a part of Ford Performance. We have been blessed to work with such a generous and skilled team in the past, and we look forward to continuing the partnership in the future. We wish Ford Performance the best of luck as they journey forward!


A cut above the competition!

We would like to extend our thanks to Minicut International for providing us with specialty drill bits. Their continued support ensures we stay a cut above the rest!



Laser precision from SAT

Superior Alloy Technology is a local company that provides cutting services for various materials using a large range of processes. We would like to thank them for their continued support this year; the parts they laser cut for us have always been top quality, and we hope to continue working with them for many years to come. Thanks SAT!


Print the world around you with Axis

We just received some high quality, light-weight printed parts from Axis Prototypes. If you’re looking to make complex parts with lightweight material, look no further than Axis; the end result is top quality, as you can see below!

Axis Prototypes

An indispensable contribution!

Thank you to PPG for providing us with a manual dispensing gun. Whether you need to dispense adhesives, sealants, or other materials, this gun can do it for you. Thanks again PPG Semco!


TechFab cranks up the heat!

We would like to extend our thanks to TechFab for supporting us once more with some beautifully machined bellcranks. Look no further than TechFab for all your machining needs! Together, we succeed!

techfab pic

The Very First MRT Newsletter

We at the McGill Racing Team have been working hard to give back to you, our supporters, in the best way. We are proud to announce that the first ever McGill Racing Team newsletter is here! We will be releasing approximately three a year, with a different theme each time. Being the first issue, there is a larger focus on the background and history of the team. Check it out on issuu at the following link:


(we recommend viewing in full screen mode).


Newsletter Cover Page

Diacarb Makes a Difference!

We would like to extend our thanks to Diacarb, a local machine shop, for lending us a hand in machining our differential mounts. As you can see, they came out really well! If you are looking for high quality machining, Diacarb can make the difference!


Lemay Outillage Rocking our World!

Lemay Outillage, another local machine shop, has given their support to the McGill Racing Team by machining our rockers. For any of your machining needs, look no further than Lemay Outillage, they produce high quality machine parts!

Lemay Outillage

St-Hubert Machine Shop; Satisfy your Splining Needs

A huge thank you goes out to St-Hubert Machine Shop, a local machine shop that specializes in all sorts of machining processes, such as gearing and splining. They have helped us by splining our driveshafts, stubshafts, and steering rack pinion! In the future, stay connected with St-Hubert Machine Shop!

st-hubert sponsor pic

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