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Join the McGill Racing Team’s Media and Communications subteam!

Specific Recruitment Flyer

The McGill Racing Team is looking for skilled and dedicated members to join their media and communications subteam! The open positions and their descriptions are listed below:

-Photographer/Videographer: Attend community outreach events to take pictures and videos. Attend important internal meetings to document the design process. Adept in photo/video editing software to produce high quality material to release to the community

-Newsletter Designer/Editor: Spearhead the effort to release at least 3 newsletter updates per year (Fall/Winter/Summer) The goal of the newsletter is to provide our followers and the community an update on our progress, the events we have attended, and our plan for the future. Adept in newsletter designing/publishing software such as Adobe InDesign

-Event Planner: The McGill Racing Team plans and hosts multiple events during the school year. This includes a design unveiling and sponsor visits. Must be comfortable writing proposals and interacting with multiple groups to ensure the success of events

-Web Designer: The McGill Racing Team currently occupies a McGill Blogs page. In order to have a more customizable website, the team would like to make the transition to a personal web page that is easier to modify. Looking for someone with experience designing, releasing, and maintaining webpages.

If you consider yourself qualified for any of these roles, please contact the team with a statement of intent. Please include experience, skills, and a motivational statement. The McGill Racing Team is a student run design team and therefore neither offers remuneration nor course credit for the work done by its members. The McGill Racing Team prides itself on providing its members with opportunities to complement their studies while also opening networking possibilities in the community.

To contact the McGill Racing Team, please email fsae@mail.mcgill.ca with subject “Media Team Application” and address your message to Matthieu Labaudinière

Additionally, please check out the team’s Facebook page and YouTube channel!

Carving the way to success with NSE Automatech!

The machining of our monocoque molds has begun! Thank you very much to NSE Automatech for their support in our journey to the top!


MRT Recruitment 2014/2015

For any new students who are looking to get involved with the McGill Racing team please fill out this form and attend the Information Meeting at 5:30pm on September 8th in Otto Maass 112!Recruitment Picture

Day 4: Formula SAE Electric 2014

Day 4: Post Endurance Team Photo

Day 4: Post Endurance Team Photo

Day 4: We started off the morning on the practice track to test the energy management system. We decided to run a constant power in order to avoid potential problems with the code screwing up the power available adjustment.
Afterwards, we did a complete mechanical inspection of the car, where we found everything in order. We got to the charging tent at 12:30 and the battery pack was full by 3:00. We journeyed to the track, where our first driver was ready to get in and start endurance. However, when we tried to begin the event, we found some issues with our controllers; the voltage limit was below our battery pack value. After changing the limit we got out on track and completed endurance with no problems. They checked our efficiency before we headed back to the paddock to back the trailer.
Interesting fact: All of the electric teams that started endurance also finished it, compared to a less than 50% completion rate for the combustion cars.
Later that evening, the public design review included our electric car, 1st in design, along with the top 3 designed combustion cars. Our captain, Paul, and our E-powertrain lead, Sam, spoke to the crowd about the design of our vehicle.
The night ended with the award ceremony, where we picked up trophies for design, autocross, and overall.
Here our a highlight of our results:
Design: 1st
Autocross: 1st
Endurance: 2nd
Presentation: 2nd
Overall: 2nd
We are very proud of our performance with our first ever electric car. Thanks to all of our friends, family, fans, and sponsors who have supported us up to this point.

Day 2 and Day 3: Formula SAE Electric 2014

Day 3: Tilt Test

Day 3: Tilt Test

Day 2: We started bright and early with design at 8:30. The judges were impressed by our car and the knowledge of our team members. We spent the time between design and cost getting ready to go back to electrical tech. After cost at 11:00, we put the finishing touches on the car before journeying back into electric tech at 12:30. We stayed there until it closed at 5:00 pm. We left knowing we had two small changes to make. During this time we also presented business at 1:30, also went well. We worked hard until the site closed, before returning home to the hotel. We found out later that night that we had made design finals along with UWashington and Unicamp! A big day was coming for us next day.

Day 3: Once again we arrived early to the track. We got right to work finishing up the work from the night before and were reading for the tech inspectors when the arrived. We passed by 9:45, making us the first North American team to ever pass electric tech at a Formula SAE event! We finished mechanical tech by 10:45 and achieved a tilt sticker shortly after. And then came the rain test. We failed once, made changes, and failed again. 12:30 came around and that meant we wouldn’t be attempting accel or skidpad, which was quite a disappointment. However, we did find out we were 8th in cost and 2nd in presentation. We worked through Lunch and the early afternoon before heading back to rain with high hopes. We failed the first time, tried another fix, and then passed on our fourth attempt at 4:30. We passed brakes in one try and went to perform an autocross. Of our four runs, our best time was 53.5, placing us first in class and 18th overall! Afterwards, we performed in design finals. Overall, a very long day, but we are excited for endurance tomorrow! Stay tuned to our twitter tomorrow for live updates!

Day 1: Formula SAE Electric 2014

MFE 01: Lincoln 2014

MFE 01: Lincoln 2014

After leaving mid-Monday afternon, we finally arrived in Lincoln, Nebraska around 24 hours later. We spent yesterday afternoon and evening doing a mock tech run and preparing the car for competition. We arrived at 8:00 AM this morning on site to set up our paddock and prepare for tech. We were the second team to go for the electrical inspection, we got in at 12:30 and stayed until 5:00 at which point we had to go on the scales for design event tomorrow at 8:30 am.
No major problem was found, only a couple small issues. We got to work right after tech to fix those problems. We left the site at 8 pm with the trailer to continue working on it, with a plan to address all the issues by the end of night.
Tomorrow, Design at 8:30, Cost at 11:30 and Marketing 1:30. The plan is to pass electrical tech tomorrow after Design and then mechanical tech inspection after Cost and then tilt, rain, and brakes test.
We’ve got a big day ahead of us and will push hard to get all of it done.

CPS keeps us moving forward!

The McGill Racing Team would like to thank our partner CPS Industries, located in Pointe-Claire, for machining our spindles and stub-shafts. They came out great!

Thanks to Podio we keep work simple!

PodioPodio, an online platform used to ease project communication and collaboration, is now sponsoring the McGill Racing Team! We are now using it to manage tasks, deadlines, documents, and overall team communication. Thanks a bunch to the Podio team!

Competition Report: FSAE East 2014

Day 4: MRT Volunteers for Endurance

Day 4: MRT Volunteers for Endurance

Day 0: We started off the day bright and early, leaving the shop at 5:30AM after packing up the 8-person passenger van with lawn chairs, umbrellas, team shirts, an empty cooler, and everyone’s personal belongings for the week. After picking up Simon in Ottawa, we began our long journey west with high hopes and open minds.

Many hours later, we found ourselves in Livonia, Michigan at the Roush Automotive facility, where we were given a tour of the engine shop, machine shop, and engine dynamometer rooms. We left after a few hours thoroughly inspired by what we had seen and heard. After a quick stop at a local Mexican food restaurant, we drove to the hotel in Hillsdale, Michigan where we fell asleep quicker than small children, exhausted after a long day of travel, and excited for the coming days.

Day 1: After a late wakeup call of 9:30 and a quick hotel breakfast, we bumped on over to the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, Michigan to register as spectators. We roamed around the paddocks, conversing with teams about their cars and their seasons. After filling our heads with ideas and plans for the future, we left the track in the early afternoon in the direction of Dearborn, Michigan and the Henry Ford Museum.

This is an amazing museum, even for non-engineers, even for non-racecar folk. You can only imagine what it was for a group such as us. We stepped inside of huge trains, looked into the presidential cars, went through the automobile history of America, stood next to colossal steam engines, perused past race cars and muscle cars and luxury cars, and walked through the cultural decades of the United States. Needless to say, they practically had to kick us out of the museum at 5:00PM, closing time, because we were nowhere near finished with our visit. We journeyed back to the hotel, but stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch game 7 of Bruins-Habs, where the camp was divided in terms of support. We journeyed back to the hotel and went to bed, excited for the following day where we would witness dynamic tech.

Day 2: The day started the same as the previous one, and we hurried to the track. We spent our day observing some design events, brake tests, and noise tests, while also visiting more teams in the paddocks and industry booths. The weather wasn’t great, and even though our team was no longer on the free pizza list, San Jose State University gifted us two of their pizzas. After a good chunk of the day had passed, we decided to leave the track around 5:00PM and have an early dinner at a local restaurant. We spent the night in the pool and the hot tub. Later in the evening, Vince and Simon drove to Detroit to pick up Ryan at the airport, who was flying in to join us.

Day 3: Dynamic events started on Day 3, with accel and skid pad in the morning, and autocross in the afternoon. Although it was still quite chilly and windy, the sun was still out. We spent most of the day watching the cars on track. There were some impressive performances, as GFR took first in autocross and skidpad, while Saginaw Valley State University won the acceleration event. We listened to the award ceremony from inside the van, and went to a late dinner with our friends at Akron and ETS at Patriots, a team favorite.

Day 4: The final day was jam packed. We left the hotel earlier than most days, excited to take in the endurance event. It was once again a beautiful but slightly chilly and windy day. The slower cars went in the morning with the quicker cars finishing off the afternoon. Luckily enough, four of our team members (Paul, Lewis, Simon, and Matthieu) were allowed to volunteer on track for the afternoon endurance event, allowing them to get very close to the action. They performed all the normal duties of a volunteer, tracking cone hits, pushing cars off track, waving colored flags, etc. By the end of the day, we were all thoroughly satisfied with one of the most eventful endurances we had ever seen. We saw three fires in a crash and multiple broken/flying parts. Thankfully, no one was injured at any point, and we wish all the best to the teams that broke parts of their cars. In the end, 46 out of 90 cars finished endurance, with GFR winning the event.

After watching the design review (where ETS took first in design) and the business presentations, we once again packed into the van, parked behind the main tent, stayed warm, and listened to the award ceremony on the radio. GFR took first place overall, with TU Munich and Rennteam Stuttgart rounding off the top three. Zips Racing of Akron somehow won around half of the raffle awards somehow, and the atmosphere was buoyant as Michigan 2014 came to a close. We spent the last night as we often do, celebrating at Patriots with ETS. We went to bed late, woke up late, and drove all the way home to Montreal, arriving at around 1:00AM on the 19th.


Overall Summary: Our first Michigan as a spectator team was definitely not a waste of time. For the new members, it was a great first glimpse at competition, allowing them to get excited for future competitions to come. For our veteran members, it was a chance to close the loop by seeing the designs and performances of other teams with respect to ours, in order to come back with a clearer path forward. For our alumns, it was a chance to relive past excitement and offer mentorship and insight to the newer generation. We strengthened bonds with other teams and our friends at Ford SVT and Roush. We held our heads high despite our setbacks, and we let everyone know that we are still working hard to compete against them all at next year’s competition.

Thank yous:

Ford SVT for their continued support and guidance as we endure tough times

Roush for taking the time to show us around their facilities

ETS and Akron for their continued friendship, congratulations on some good results.

San Jose State University for giving us some of their pizza

Our alumni Simon and Ryan for joining us for the competition and offering us some valuable advice.


See you next year Michigan!

McGill Racing Team withdraws from Formula SAE East 2014

Cherished friends, family, supporters, and sponsors, it is with deep regret that we must announce that we will be unable to compete at Formula SAE East this coming week.

Our team has been grappling with substantial manufacturing hurdles this season and unfortunately they have proved too great to overcome in time.

We cannot thank you all enough for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing our newest prototype, MRT16, with you soon. Needless to say, we are very proud of the hard work our team has put in this year and believe we have a great design on our hands.

Members of our team will still be attending FSAE-Michigan as spectators; we look forward to seeing you there!

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