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U of T Shootout Video!


Back in September we attended U of T Formula SAE Racing Team Shootout 2015. We have a video recapping our experience over on our Youtube channel. Go check it out here!

A successful weekend to wrap up the competition season!

This weekend, as part of the annual UofT Shootout, the McGill Racing Team’s car stood out, winnning an award for best looking car. Further victory was marked by the great performance of the MRT16. Pat, Felix, Lucien and Will, our four drivers, all hit the racetrack with speed and precision. Together the entire team marked another astonishing performance for McGill. Thank you to UofT for organizing a great event, we had blast and look forward to returning next year!



Navona has stolen a Pizza our heart!


Thanks to everyone who came and chatted with us at Pizza Navona! We had a great time talking about the car while eating some kick ass pizza. Be sure to check them out and grab a slice!

Formula Student Germany 2015 Video!

Check out our video of Formula Student Germany 2015 on our Youtube channel here! Don’t forget to come see us at the Information Meeting on Tuesday and fill out the form here if you are interested in becoming a part of the team!


MRT Recruitment 2015

For any new students who are looking to get involved with the McGill Racing team please fill out this form and attend our first meeting, Tuesday September 15th at 6:30 in MD267!

Recruitment Picture

FSG 2015: Day 5



Sunday August 2nd was the 5th and final day of Formula Student Germany. Due to our placement in autocross, we knew that we were going to be running near the beginning of the afternoon endurance session. We spent the morning doing final setup preparations and warming up at the test track before getting in line for endurance at around 1:30pm, during the lunch break. At that point we were second in line to go out at the restart.

Pat was the first driver, and started strong, pulling 79 second laps and the car was running relatively smoothly. However, a lap before the driver change, he was forced to pull off track due to an engine stall and unfortunately, the car would not restart. We had to pull out of the race, much to the dismay of the whole team.

We cleaned and packed up the paddock and watched the rest of the endurance as a team; what a sight it was to see! We were able to recover the car after the race and we began investigating what could be the problem. At this moment, it seems as if the spark plugs had come undone during the race, although the reasons for this issue are unknown to us, as this is a never-before-seen occurrence.

After packing up the car and bringing it back to Karlsruhe and putting our equipment and materials in KA-Racing’s immense truck, we went to the final award ceremony. We were still in the running for a trophy (top 3 design for combustion) so we put on our nice polos and made our way up to the ceremony.

A great spectacle to see, over 4000 people were packing into the marquee above the pits to celebrate another year of Formula Student Germany. And then all of these top teams with 50-100 members were able to see the small team from Montreal, McGill University, with 18 members at competition, take home 3rd place in design. We are very proud of this accomplishment, and we hope to continue our path towards engineering excellence for years to come.

The rest of the competition went by in a flash, and the competition was now early. Thanks for following our journey, and we hope to return next year for even more glory!





FSG 2015: Day 4

Today was a big day – 2 dynamic events and design finals in the evening. We started off the day by rolling out to noise. We couldn’t start the engine until about 11 or noon, at which point we had to take out the exhaust and intake to dry because we think it was flooded. Due to this setback we were unable to run acceleration. We ended up capping one of the two mufflers and then we passed noise at around 2 pm with something like 96 db at idle and 106 at test speed. Passed brakes first shot and then changed the tires and went back to the test pad to check if everything was running smoothly. Everything looked good so we rolled off to autocross.

Lew strapped in, he posted 79s and 75s, the fastest time being posted by GFR with 69s. At 6 we were back in line with Pat strapped in, but being in the 2nd driver lane, there were literally 40 cars in front of us. By the time 6:30 rolled around we were still very far from the start line. Design finals started at 7 pm so we had to roll out. Design finals went well, and we got our car signed by Pat Clarke! We’ll see tomorrow if we beat our 4th from ’13…

We had a couple things to fix and set up to get ready for endurance tomorrow morning so the team is staying up late to get it done. Hopefully everything will get finished and we will be able to roll out to the test pad right away tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is endurance and the last day of FSG 2015!



FSG 2015: Day 3

Today we went to technical inspection for 8:30, where the judges found a few more minor points to modify on the car. We went back to the pits at 9:30 to prepare the car for design.

Design went well, although with all of the information we wanted to share with them, it seemed shorter than ever! Cost was immediately after design, and also went smoothly. Business was in the afternoon, and Matt and Anna seemed confident on their performance.
We then got back to tech, got our sticker, filled up, passed tilt and then went to noise; 3-6 db too loud at both idle and test speed so we went back to the paddocks and covered the intake with a sound insulatig foam, packed the mufflers and went back, but we unfortunately got kicked out at 7:30. Therefore we c
ouldn’t do brakes either and couldn’t post a skidpad time. Although this was disappointing, we were able to lift our heads know that our business team had made it to business finals at 8pm!
They went first, shaking off anxiety and stress to deliver a killer presentation. However, the two other finalist, TU Fast and Bodensee Racing Team, were more than worthy competitors. At the end of the presentation, the officials announced that the awards would be given that night, so the stress did not end there!
The award ceremony began at 9pm, and before the business prizes were awarded, they announced the design finalists for combustion, and we made it! We are joined by GFR, UAS Munich, TU Fast, UWashington, and UAS Graz. Us 6 teams will present tomorrow (Saturday) night from 7:00-9:30pm.
And then, for the first time ever, the McGill Racing Team was able to take home a trophy at Formula Student Germany, as we were rewarded with 1st prize in business presentation; Good job Anna and Matt!
Tomorrow morning we will get in line early to pass sound and pass brakes to then proceed with accel and autocross in the afternoon. And then, design finals!
Bed time now, the team needs some good rest.
Business Winners

FSG 2015: Day 2

This morning dawned cold and cloudy – our patience and endurance to cold weather is being tested: 8 C at 7 am, and we had to wait until 2 pm or so to go in pre-tech inspection: checking driver gear and fire extinguishers. We spent most of the day chatting with other teams trying to get an idea of what the judges were specifically looking for at tech. This lead to a few minor adjustments and more or less a day of anticipation and waiting.

The sun started to shine around 3:30 pm and it was a sign – we finally got into pre-tech at around 4 pm, had a small issue with a fire extinguisher and then continued to wait. At 6:30 pm we made it to actual tech and stayed until 8-8:30 at which point we had to go back the pits, tech was only supposed to be until 7…

We have a couple issues to fix, nothing too major, should all be accomplished tonight and ready for the morning. We were on the line for some trickier stuff such as the front bulkhead laminate equivalency, but Andy handled it like a champ.
The whole team worked well into the night, checking off items at a good pace. We got most of it done and plan to head to tech tomorrow morning at 8:20.
I was confused in the last post, the times I gave were correct for the static events, but they are tomorrow, today was for the electric teams. Which means tomorrow will be a busy day; tech in the morning with tilt, noise and brake, all three statics and then the famous wet skid-pad.
That’s all for now, stay tuned!IMG_7848

FSG 2015: Day 1

Formula Student Germany 2015 has officially begun! Most of the team arrived yesterday and we were able to set up camp and get the car settled into our pit. Today started off cold with some drizzle. Not the best way to kick off the competition but after a coffee or two spirits are high.

We are 120th or something for technical inspection, as we missed the quiz that determined the order. We spent the day inspecting the car, safety wiring, and processing test track data. Later in the day we posed for the group picture, and as you might be able to see there is now something like 60-70% wing cars out of the pack.

Unfortunately the whole day went by and we haven’t even been through pre tech yet, which our old friend Richard Raapke from Aachen is responsible for. On the bright side, the sun started to shine around 4 and the forecast for the rest of the week is looking up. The sponsor presence here is astounding – there are a multitude of booths full of industry representatives, snacks, and cool swag :)

Tomorrow is another full day of scrutineering; Friday we have the static events, starting with design at 10:50-11:45, cost at 11:55- 12:50, and marketing at 14:45-15:30. We really pushed to get some solid testing done during this last month and if we make sure we use the collected data to show our validation, we should perform well in design.

Friday is also the wet skidpad day, Saturday is accel and autocross, and Sunday is the all mighty endurance race.

We hope to do tech tomorrow morning, but as we’ve been instructed to calmly wait to be called for tech before you head over, we can only prepare ourselves and wait.


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