Care and Maintenance of Succulents noon hour workshop Tuesday, October 27th

succulents Succulent plants include a spectacular variety of plants, some which live to be 200 years or more. Because they do well in a variety of light conditions, and also tolerate dry periods, they can be an ideal office plant. What’s more, some succulents, like the popular jade plant have been empirically shown to improve indoor air quality by removing toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs). There are, however, a few important tips to learn so that your succulents enjoy a long and healthy life. This GIMI-sponsored workshop, facilitated by McGill Plant Science doctoral student Christie Lovat will cover several topics related to the care and maintenance of succulent plants. Participants will also come away with their very own, easy-to-care succulent plant (Hatiora salicornioides) to brighten up their offices!

HatioraWorkshop date: Tuesday, October 27, 2015
Workshop A 11:30-12:30
Workshop B 12:30-1:30
Workshop location: Peterson Hall, room 310
Space is limited to 40 participants
Cost: $15

To register: click here to fill in registration form


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