Climbing plant care – November 24th

HoyaClimbing houseplants can be stunning centerpieces in any plant collection, but their unique growth habit can make them difficult to care for indoors. This GIMI-sponsored workshop, facilitated by McGill Plant Science doctoral student Christie Lovat will address the care and maintenance of climbing houseplants. Covering the care of a range of popular climbing houseplants, as well as tips and tricks for all species, this workshop is for the plant lover who is ready to tackle climbing plants in the office or the home. Participants will also come away with two variegated hoya plants, also known as waxplant, an easy-to-care plant that not only climbs quickly but also produces a fascinating flower.

Workshop cost: $15
Workshop date: Tuesday, November  24th 2015
Workshop A 11:30-12:30
Workshop B 12:30-1:30
Workshop location: Downtown campus, Peterson Hall, (3460 rue McTavish) room 310

Space is limited to 40 participants.


Greening Indoor McGill Initiative is a volunteer-run, faculty, staff and student McGill project. Proceeds from this workshop go towards the long-sustainability of GIMI for plant exchanges, workshops, training, events and pilot projects.

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