Loving your orchid right: the sequel. A noon-hour workshop on care of orchids

oncidiumLoving your orchid right: the sequel. A noon-hour workshop on care of orchids (downtown campus). Orchids are fascinating plants. According to a 2007 Nature study, the origins of their plant family, Orchidaceae, can be traced back as far as 70-80 million years. It is no surprise then, that as one of the most diverse plant families on the planet, the Orchidaceae family includes 10s of 1000s of species. The second in our series on orchid care, this workshop is designed for those who have already a basic knowledge of moth orchid care but are ready to explore some new varieties. Orchid-lover and McGill Plant Science PhD student Christie Lovat will address the special needs of several orchid species. Participants will receive an oncidium orchid in a 4” pot to take back to the office or home. The workshop will run for about 30 minutes with plenty of time for questions.

Please note that because the oncidium orchid provided by our vendor (Planterra) is more expensive than moth orchids, the cost of this workshop has been raised to $30.

Workshop date: Tuesday, May 10th
Cost: $30 each (cash only)
Workshop A 11:30-12:30 Workshop B 12:30 12:30-1:30
Workshop location: Downtown campus. Room 310, Peterson Hall (3460 McTavish St. between the Faculty club and the SSMU building)

Register HERE. For more information, email Heidi heidi(dot)hoernig(at)mcgill(dot)ca.

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