Indoor plants 101: helping your office plants thrive

A noon-hour workshop Monday, June 13th

Hands & plantsWondering how you killed your favourite office plant? Unsure of what light your plants need to bloom? Confused about whether you are under- or overwatering? The Greening Indoor McGill Initiative (GIMI) is offering a noon-hour workshop to address the full spectrum of basic, indoor plant care questions. Our beloved McGill Plant Science doctoral student Christie Lovat will cover all the basics:  light, watering, soil, fertilizer and humidity requirements of common indoor plants, plus trouble-shooting for common indoor plant problems including insects and other problems. The workshop cost is $18. Each participant will receive 3 different, small, indoor plants (3 ½ to 4” pots).

Workshop date: Monday, June 13th

Session A 11:30-12:30
Session B 12:30-13:30
Cost: $18

Click here to register.

Workshop location: Downtown campus Room 310, Peterson Hall (3460 McTavish St. H3A 0E6 – between the Faculty club and the SSMU building)

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