Caring for air plants (Tillandsia)

A noon-hour workshop Tuesday July 12th, 2016. Downtown campus, McGill University

TillandsiaAir plants, or Tillandsia are fascinating indoor plants. There are more than 700 species of these popular epiphytes. Like orchids, they normally grow without soil and are quite easy to grow and maintain. This GIMI-sponsored workshop, facilitated by McGill Plant Science doctoral student Christie Lovat will cover the care and maintenance of a variety air plants. Participants will come away with two air plants and will create their very own small terrarium to take home. All materials will be provided.

Workshop date: Tuesday, July 12tn
Session A 11:30-12:30
Session B 12:30-13:30
Cost: $15
Workshop location: Downtown campus* Room 310, Peterson Hall (3460 McTavish St. between the Faculty club and the SSMU building)

Register here to attend.

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