About us

We are a volunteer group of McGill faculty, staff and students promoting the placement of indoor plants throughout indoor work and study spaces at McGill. Why? Because plants can provide multiple benefits to an indoor environment. They can make you feel better. They are good for your health. They can add colour and warmth to the “feel” of an indoor space. Many of them clean and humidify the air. And they can even help you work more productively.

GIMI  events and activities are planned and organized on volunteer time by and for McGill faculty, staff and students.

To get on a mailing list of events, contact Heidi Hoernig at heidi.hoernig (at) mcgill.ca

Founding organizers of GIMI are:

Plant Science professor Danielle Donnelly






Plant Science Instructor David Wees






 Research Services (Faculty of Arts) Heidi Hoernig







IMG_2992Student, plant propagator, workshop presenter, training facilitator, practical advice giver, Plant Science PhD student Christie Lovat is a invaluable treasure to GIMI (and we (mostly) wish that she never graduates from McGill !!)








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