Colloquium: Alex Drummond – 10/5

Speaker: Alex Drummond

When: Friday, 10/5 at 3:30 pm

Where: Education 211

Title: Parallelism and Dahl’s Paradigm

Abstract: I will attempt to defend the following two hypotheses: (i) that the binding constraints are stated in terms of a general notion of covaluation which subsumes binding and coreference; and (ii) that VP ellipsis is constrained by a strict parallelism requirement. My starting point is a 2007 paper by Irene Heim, which sketches a formulation of the binding theory consistent with hypothesis (i). The primary empirical problem for Heim’s theory is Dahl’s paradigm, which appears to necessitate the rejection of hypothesis (ii). I will argue that certain proposals in Tanya Reinhart’s 2006 monograph can be adapted to overcome this problem.

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