McGill at GALANA

McGill was well represented at this year’s GALANA (Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition-North America) conference in Kansas, with three oral presentations and one poster presentation:

  • Tokiko Okuma: Asymmetry in acquisition of prosodic structures: Evidence from L2 Japanese
  • Chen Qu: Prosodic licensing and children’s acquisition of place contrast system in consonants
  • Lydia White, Heather Goad, Hyekyung Hwang (former McGill post-doctoral fellow) and Moti Lieberman: Effects of prosody and constituent length on L2 parsing
  • Larissa Nossalik (recent McGill PhD graduate): L1 effects in L2 acquisition of English progressive (poster)

Details on the conference can be found here:

Congratulations to Toki and Chen who also received travel grants from the GALANA Organizing Committee!

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