Speech Learning Lab lunchtime meetings

The Speech Learning Lab will be having lunchtime lab meetings on Tuesdays at 11 in the Green Lab (basement of 1085 Penfield) for the remainder of the semester.  All are welcome to attend, and bring a lunch if you like!

This week (March 12) at noon, Matt Masapollo will be giving a practice talk on his recent work on infant vowel perception.

Next week (March 19), Thea Knowles will present the most recent data from an ongoing project on how acoustic phonetic cues change under different prominence conditions. We’ll also discuss a short paper by Jennifer Cole and collaborators which is relevant to the topic:

Cole, J., Choi, H., Kim, H., & Hasegawa-Johnson, M. (2003). The effect of accent on the acoustic cues to stop voicing in Radio News speech. Paper presented at the International Conference on Phonetic Sciences.


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