McGill Presenters at TOM 6

On Saturday, March 23rd a number of McGill graduate students will present talks and posters at the 6th Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal Semantics Workshop to be held in the Ballroom of Thomson House at 3650 McTavish street. Alanah McKillen will present a talk on “Processing ACD and de re/de dicto ambiguity”. Sepideh Mortazavinia will present a talk on “‘Even’ and ‘only'”. Oriana Kilbourn-Ceron will present a talk on “Even and almost even: teasing apart Spanish ni and ni siquiera“. Dan Goodhue will present a poster on “The meaning of intonation in responses to yes/no questions”. Michael David Hamilton will present a poster on “Scope and reconstruction in Mi’gmaq”. Gretchen McCulloch will present a poster on “Modal indefinites in Mi’gmaq”. And Sasha Simonenko will present a poster on “Semantics of the DP-island effects in Germanic”. To see the complete program, follow this link.

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