Colin Phillips Talk

We are pleased to announce that the next talk in our 2012-13 McGill Linguistics Colloquium Series will be by Colin Phillips (UMD) on Friday, April 12 at 3:30 pm in the Education Building room 433. This talk is also a CRBLM distinguished lecture, and it is jointly organized by CRBLM and the linguistics dept.

The title of the talk is “Generating expectations and meanings in language comprehension and production”.


We often have expectations about utterances before they are uttered. How we do this, in language production and comprehension alike, has implications for practical concerns and for theoretical questions about language architecture. The ability to generate reliable expectations may be a key enabler of robust language understanding in noisy environments. Understanding the (non-)parallels between the generative mechanisms engaged in comprehension and production is essential for any attempt to close the gap between grammatical ‘knowledge’ and language use systems. In this talk I explore how we generate expectations about word-level and sentence-level meanings. One set of studies uses behavioral interference paradigms to examine the time-course of verb generation when Japanese speakers plan their utterances. Two other series of studies focus on electrophysiological evidence for the generation of verb expectations in Chinese, Spanish, and English. Evidence for advance generation of verb meanings is found in comprehension and production alike. But we find that different types of linguistic information drive expectations on different time scales. In verb-final clauses, verb expectations are initially driven only by lexical associations, and effects of compositional interpretations are observed only after a delay. Similar mechanisms operate in production and comprehension, but they yield different outputs, depending on the information available to the language user in a specific task.

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