CLA practice talks, today 5/27

Today, on Monday May 27th, we will have four practice presentations for the CLA conference in Victoria, BC next week. Presentations will take place in room 117 in the Linguistics building from 10:00–12:00. There will be two practice talks as well as two poster presentations:
Jessica Coon and Alan Bale – Person and Number in Mi’gmaq

Elise McClay, Carol Little, Hisako Noguchi, Erin Olson, Alan Bale, Jessica Coon, and Gina Cook – Using technology to bridge gaps between learners, speakers, and linguists (Poster for special session Reclaiming Canada’s Indigenous Languages)

Michael Hamilton – Wh-movement in Mi’gmaq
Gretchen McCulloch – Finals in Mi’gmaq Poster)
Please see the CLA website for a list of abstracts of the above presentations.

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