Hadas Kotek (MIT) receives Mellon post-doc at McGill

Hadas Kotek will be joining our department next fall as a Mellon post-doctoral fellow, supervised by Junko Shimoyama.

Hadas is currently a PhD student in the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy at MIT. She completed her undergraduate studies in linguistics at Tel-Aviv University. Her research focuses on the syntax-semantics interface, and utilizes experimental and quantitative tools alongside traditional methods. More specifically, her work examines the interaction between competing operations in syntax and semantics, focusing on the domains of wh-questions, focus constructions, quantification, and degree semantics. Her dissertation studies the syntax, semantics, and processing of multiple wh-questions. She welcomes your recommendations for good middle-eastern grocery stores and Jewish delis in Montreal.


Congratulations Hadas and Junko!

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