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McGill at BLS


McGill affiliates of past and present at BLS: Joe Pater (UMass Amherst; McGill PhD ’97), Matt Pearson (Reed College; McGill visiting scholar), Ileana Paul (Western Ontario; McGill PhD ’00), Maayan Adar (UCLA; McGill MA ’14), Joey Sabbagh (UT Arlington; McGill Postdoc ’05-’07), Henrison Hsieh (McGill), Lisa Travis (McGill)

McGill at BLS 42

Henrison Hsieh and Lisa Travis will head to Berkeley later this week for the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society. Henrison’s talk is titled “Distinguishing nouns and verbs: Against the nominalist hypothesis for Tagalog” and Lisa will present “The position of Out of Control morphemes in Malagasy and Tagalog.”

McGill at the LSA Annual Meeting

McGill linguists are in Washington DC for the 90th Annual Meeting of the Linguistics Society of America which takes place January 7–10th. The LSA meeting also includes sessions of the American Dialect Society and the Society for the Study of Indigenous Languages of Latin America.

Presentations include…

  • Charles Boberg (McGill University): Newspaper dialectology: harnessing the power of mass media in collecting dialect data (ADS)
  • Colin Brown (McGill University): Genitive/ergative in Gitksan (SSILA)
  • Bing’er Jiang (McGill University), Jianjing Kuang (University of Pennsylvania): Consonant effects on tonal registers in Jiashan Wu
  • Hadas Kotek (McGill University), Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine (National University of Singapore): Unifying definite and indefinite free relatives: evidence from Mayan
  • Cora Lesure (McGill University), Lauren Clemens (SUNY Albany): Prosodic boundary marking in Ch’ol: acoustic indicators and their applications (SSILA)

McGill at NWAV 44

McGill was well-represented in talks and posters presented at the 44th New Ways of Analyzing Variation conference held at the University of Toronto October 22-25:

  • Liam Bassford (BA ’15), Peter Milne, & Morgan Sonderegger : “Attentive speech and clear speech in Quebec French diphthongization”
  • Charles Boberg: “Internal relations among the short vowels of Canadian English”
  • Natalia Brambatti Guzzo & Guilherme Garcia: “When phonological variation tells us about prosody”
  • Thomas Kettig (BA ’13) and Bodo Winter: “The Canadian Shift in production and perception: New evidence from Montreal”
  • Donghyun Kim, Louisa Bielig (BA ’15), Amanda McConnell, Ryan Kazma (BA ’15): “Variation in /AE/ in Montreal and New Brunswick English: With reference to the Canadian Shift”
  • Jeffrey Lamontagne & Jeff Mielke: “Perceptual salience of vowel rhoticity in Canadian French”
  • Morgan Sonderegger, Jane Stuart-Smith, Rachel Macdonald, Thea Knowles (BA ’12), & Tamara Rathcke : “Stability and change in Scottish stops: a real-time study of three acoustic cues in Glasgwegian vernacular”

Gretchen McCullouch (MA ’14) also led a Wikipedia Editathon.

Here are some of them, under the McGill crest (in the Great Hall of Hart House):


Jessica Coon and Cora Lesure at CILLA

Jessica Coon and BA Honours student Cora Lesure are at the University of Texas at Austin this week for the 7th Conference on Indigenous Languages of Latin America (CILLA). The title of Jessica’s talk is “Inergativos, antipasivos y la categorización de raíces: Evidencia en Chuj.” Cora is presenting collaborative research with recent Postdoc Lauren Clemens (SUNY Albany): “An investigation of the acoustic correlates of prosodic phrasing in Chol.”

Meaghan Fowlie at Workshop on Minimalist Parsing

Postdoctoral fellow Meaghan Fowlie gave an invited talk at Computation, Language, Biology: Workshop on Minimalist Parsing held at MIT October 10th and 11th. The title of her talk was “Parsing Adjuncts”, and the slides can be found on her website.

Hadas Kotek at IATL

This week postdoctoral fellow Hadas Kotek will be presenting a talk at the Israeli Association for Theoretical Linguistics (IATL). The title of her talk is: “On the semantics of wh-questions”.


Bernhard Schwarz at CSSP

Bernhard Schwarz was in Paris, presenting collaborative work with Sasha Simonenko (McGill PhD 2014) at CSSP, the Colloque de Syntaxe et Sémantique à Paris. The title of their presentation was “Two pragmatic accounts of factive islands” and the rest of the program can be found here.

McGill at NELS 46

Later this week Concordia University will host the 46th Northeast Linguistics Society annual meeting. McGill linguists will be presenting a number of talks and posters. Hope to see you there!

Amanda Rizun at the Workshop on Linguistic and Cognitive Aspects of Quantification

First-year PhD student Amanda Rizun will travel to Hungary later this week to present at the Workshop on Linguistic and Cognitive Aspects of Quantification. She will be presenting collaborative work with Jeremy Hartman (UMass Amherst). The title of their talk is “Acquisition of Exceptives in Quantified Sentences.”

Photos from McGill at Sinn & Bedeutung

Here are some photos from Sinn und Bedeutung 20 at the University of Tübingen, Germany, previously announced here. Polina Berezovskaya (Graduate Research Trainee 2010-11) was part of the hard-working organizing team.

CRBLM Graduate Travel Funding award for Donghyun Kim

Donghyun Kim was recently granted CRBLM Graduate Travel Funding to attend the Second Language Research Forum (SLRF) 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia in October. The title of his paper for the conference is “A longitudinal study of individual differences in the acquisition of novel vowel contrasts”, which is a joint work with Meghan Clayards and Heather Goad. Congratulations Don!

Jessica Coon at Gender, Class, and Determination conference in Ottawa

Jessica Coon is just returning from Ottawa where she presented collaborative work with Alan Bale (Concordia, McGill PhD) at Gender, Class, and Determination: A Conference on the Nominal Spine. The title of their talk was “Counting banana trees: Cross-linguistic consequences for the syntax and semantics of classifiers”. The abstract can be found here.

McGill at Sinn und Bedeutung 20

McGill is well-represented at Sinn und Bedeutung (SuB) 20 at the University of Tübingen, Germany, this week (Sept. 9-12, 2015).
  • Elizabeth Bogal-Allbritten (UMass, postdoc-to-be with Junko Shimoyama and Keir Moulton (SFU, former postdoc)): Constructing beliefs and desires (talk)
  • Brian Buccola: Severing maximality from ‘fewer than’: evidence from genericity (talk)
  • Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine (NUS, recent postdoc) and Hadas Kotek : Relative pronoun pied-piping, the structure of which informs the analysis of relative clauses (talk)
  • Aron Hirsch (MIT, McGill BA) : A compositional semantics for wh-ever free relatives (poster)
  • Edwin Howard (MIT, McGill BA) : The pragmatics of verb-initial conditional antecedents in English (poster)
  • Anna Howell (Tübingen, McGill BA) : A Hamblin semantics for alternative questions in Yoruba (poster)
  • Hadas Kotek : On the semantics of wh-questions (poster)
  • Junko Shimoyama: Syntactic and semantic connectivity in afterthought right dislocation, sluicing and fragments (invited talk) joint work with Alex Drummond (Queen Mary Univ. of London, recent postdoc), Bernhard Schwarz and Michael Wagner

McGill at ICPhS 2015

McGill linguists present and past gave a number of talks and posters at the 18th International Conference of Phonetic Sciences, held in August 2015 in Glasgow, all with associated proceedings papers:

Oriana, Hye-Young, and James all received IPA Student Awards to attend the conference.

Here are some pictures of us at ICPhS, and friends:


McGill linguists (Meghan, Oriana, Morgan, James, Hye-Young) with postdoc alumna Sara MacKenzie, McGill Psych alum Doug Schiller



Linguists walking towards the Science Centre: Oriana, James, Michael M


McGill linguists present and future (Michael, Mehgan, Gustav, Francisco, Morgan) with Linda Polka and A.J. Orena from McGill SCSD

McGill at ETAP 3

McGill linguists present and past presented a number of talks at the third Experimental and Theoretical Advances in Prosody conference (ETAP3), held May 28-30 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign:

  • Emily Elfner (postdoc 2012-14): Prosodic juncture strength and syntactic constituency in Connemara Irish
  • Aron Hirsch (BA 2011) and Michael Wagner: Syntactic constraints on the variability of prosodic phrasing and parenthetical placement
  • Morgan SondereggerThe role of prosodic variability in explaining segmental variability: Two corpus studies


AFLA 22 a success

Last weekend McGill hosted the 22nd meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association (AFLA 22). With over 30 presentations, posters, Balinese dancing, and a great line-up of invited speakers, it was deemed a success by all! Organizers included Lisa Travis, Lauren Clemens, Michael Erlewine, Henrison Hsieh, Jiajia Su, and a team of undergraduate volunteers.

TOM 8 at Carleton

The 8th Annual Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal Workshop on Semantics is taking place on April 11 at Carleton. Our own Dan Goodhue and Henrison Hsieh are presenting.

You can check the program here:


McGill at MOTH

The Montréal-Ottawa-Toronto-Hamilton Syntax Workshop (MOTH 2015) Syntax Workshop is taking place at the University of Ottawa on March 28th and 29th.
Yuliya Manyakina will present “Two Types of “Incorporation” in Mi’gmaq” and Jiajia Su will present “On the ‘Numeral Classifier de Noun’ Construction in Mandarin Chinese.” Jessica Coon will be the keynote speaker. The full program is available at

McGill at MOLT 2015

McGill Linguistics was well represented at this year’s Montreal-Ottawa-Laval-Toronto Phonology Workshop (MOLT), which took place this past weekend at the University of Toronto. There were talks by graduate students, undergraduate students, alumni, and faculty (subset pictured below). The full program can be found here.


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