Report of the Open Forum on Free Expression and Peaceful Assembly

On Friday, October 6th I transmitted the report of the Open Forum on Free Expression and Peaceful Assembly to the Principal.  I am pleased to share the report with the entire University community through this blog.

Participants in the Open Forum included students, faculty, senior administrators, and non-academic staff.  The report aims to provide a faithful account of the views that I heard during the discussion sessions and academic symposium.

I thank the members of the Advisory Committee who provided guidance during the process and comments on drafts of the report.  I also thank Erin Crandall and Emmanuelle Richez, who provided logistical and research support to the Open Forum.

I enjoyed interacting with the community on these important issues, and I look forward to its feedback on the report.

Download the report.

2 Responses to “Report of the Open Forum on Free Expression and Peaceful Assembly”

  1. Victor Chisholm says:

    If the recommendation is taken to continue to have a single point of access to the James Building, but without a security guard at the entry, will steps be taken to ensure the accessibility of the building? It is only the second and third entries to the building which are, to my knowledge, wheelchair-accessible.

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  2. Christopher P Manfredi says:

    A very important point. Whatever decision is taken, accessibility will have to be maintained in some way.

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