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Macdonald Intern Naomi Cerny: Her Internship Story

    Naomi Cerny spent the summer of 2012 working just outside of Pueblo, Colorado, on a farm called the Center for Eco-Judiam. She talks about her experience and notes 5 career lessons she learned from her internship. Read about it on TalentEgg.ca.  

Internship Office in the News!

The December 2012 issue of In Focus has a great piece about the Internship Office’s student interns from the summer 2012. The focus is some of the recipients of the Internship Awards, which were new to the office this past summer. Read about the recipients of the Ernie Black Award, as well as the Bieler [...]

Internship Poster Event

Each fall, the Bieler Family Internship Office hosts a 2-day poster event to showcase the internship opportunities that Macdonald students had over the summer months. This year, the event capped off on Thursday September 20th with presentations from 25 student interns from the courses of AGRI 410, AGRI 499 and FAES 300. Following the presentations, [...]

2012 Internship Poster Event at Mac

The popular Macdonald Campus Internship Poster Event is taking place on Thursday September 20th starting at 10:00 am. Come and see what many of the Macdonald  students were up to last summer during their Internships!  Some of our students will give a short  presentation on where they worked, what they did and what they learned. [...]

Online Training in Water Resources Management

The Macdonald Campus is excited to offer a new online training program in integrated and adaptive water resources planning, management, and governance starting October 1, 2012 as part of its Continuing Professional Development programs. This program, led by Jan Adamowski and Eduardo Ganem Cuenca, provides tools and training for watershed planning techniques, adaptive management strategies, [...]

McGill students in the field this summer

McGill offers several opportunities for students to get hands-on experience in the field while earning credit, over the summer. Some of the more exotic experiences took students to Cuba and Barbados this summer. Over the first two weeks in May, twenty students took part in the first offering of the course AGRI 325 Sustainable Agriculture [...]

Dean’s Donor Reception

On Thursday May 10th, Dean Madramootoo hosted an evening to thank the loyal donors to the Mac campus and promote the idea of Education+: Transforming the academic experience. Dr. Chris Buddle presented the new OSAS (Office of Student Academic Services) office and spoke about the additional services that students can take advantage of – including, [...]

OSAS Launches Summer Studies @ Mac

This May, OSAS launched a summer studies semester on the Macdonald Campus, consisting of three undergraduate courses (Population and Community Ecology, Science Literacy, General Chemistry 2), bringing together students enrolled in our own programs as well as those offered by other Faculties at McGill. This summer semester provides students across McGill with more options to [...]

McGill Students head to Cuba for Field Course

On April 30th, a group of 20 McGill students traveled to Cuba for the course AGRI 325 Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security. They are accompanied by Faculty members Arif Mustafa, Philippe Séguin and Julie Major. Over the 14 days they will spend in Cuba, they will visit urban agriculture installations in Havana, as well as [...]

Summer Internships

Last year, the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Internship Program had students who participated in internships all over the world. A number of students interned in the Montréal and surrounding Québec areas at companies like Fontaine Santé, Four Green Steps, Le Nichoir and Progestion Mec, just to name a few. Some went to Western [...]

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