Oh..The Irony!

DuchyPrince Charles has properly derided global warming deniers, calling them a “headless chicken brigade.” He went onto say that it was “baffling that in our modern world we have such blind trust in science and technology that we all accept what science tells us about everything-until, that is, it comes to climate science.”

Now, this is coming from a man who believes in the ultimate absurdity that is homeopathy and through his Duchy Originals Company sells a range of herbal remedies devoid of evidence.

Charles grew up with nonsense. “When I was very small, I remember so well my grandmother having her wonderful leather pouch with all these homeopathic glass phials in it. It was such a feature of my life and as I got older I became more and more aware of the effectiveness of homeopathy and indeed of complementary medicine generally.’ And this man talks about relying on science. Why accept the science on climate change and not on homeopathy? Bizarre. Charles also promotes a ridiculous herbal “detox” remedy. Someone is in need of a mind detox.

Joe Schwarcz

3 responses to “Oh..The Irony!”

  1. John Dykeman says:

    Hi Joe

    The Duchy Original Marmalade is very tasty and good quality.

    Bramble House in Dorval is the place to buy this and other delights from
    the British Iles.

  2. Jack Nudel says:

    There are accomplished scientists who can believe that
    Darwin is right about the evolution of life on planet earth
    And yet believe in the biblical account of creation. Apparently people can live with this kind of split thinking.

  3. Matei Stanca says:

    It’s sadly all about the ability to compartmentalize. I’ve had friends who were very pro-science, but they also believed in homeopathy and human energy fields, etc.

    By the way, I love your posts, and can often find the articles you refer to, but it would be even better if you could link to sources, to make it more credible when I link someone to one of your posts. Thanks!

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