The Food Babe and her hero

"food babe"The “Food Babe,” a lady who blogs about food issues, is a continuous source of comic relief for the scientifically minded but for many members of the public she is a respected “whistleblower” who protects them from all those nasty food producers who want to kill off their customers by hiding dangerous ingredients in their products. Now she has managed to reveal how pizza can “literally” blow your mind! She has set her sights on glutamic acid which is added to pizza in the form of protein hydrolyzate or yeast extract to improve flavour and get people to eat more. She trots out the usual diatribe about glutamic acid being a “neurotoxin.” Actually she is just mindlessly parroting the words of Russel Blaylock (she of course does not have enough scientific background to evaluate glutamic acid effects) who is quite a piece of work. Blaylock is a font of conspiracy theories. He opines that the social drug problem in the U.S. was created by the nefarious former Soviet Union “to weaken the resistance of western Society to Soviet invasion, undermine religion and make the youth unable to resist collectivism.” And, oh yes, the Soviets were also responsible for an epidemic of hepatitis, AIDS, venereal diseases and highly resistant tuberculosis.

According to Blaylock current attempts at health care reform in the U.S. are being masterminded by the self-chosen “Elite” (read President Obama, supported by the Rockefeller Foundation and other such organizations) who want to establish a New World Order in which people judged to be a burden on the state, such as the infirm elderly and the disabled are to be removed from society either by positive or negative euthanasia.

In Blaylock’s esteemed opinion, “this is really not that far away from the German National Socialist Party’s thinking.” In other words, Obama’s health care reforms have Nazi overtones, with plans to reduce the population of elderly who are bankrupting the social security system. “Knowing they cannot easily pass a euthanasia law or just have them rounded up and exterminated, they (the proponents of socialized medicine) use the medical care system to speed them along to their deaths.” Totalitarianism is coming, and “as the economy worsens, which they can engineer with their Federal Reserve friends, people will be more accepting of such things as euthanasia on the elderly and terminally ill, the insane, the feeble-minded and the chronically ill.” The guy who makes these innane comments is the Food Babe’s trusted source of info. Comic and sad. There are reasons to limit pizza consumption, but its glutamic acid content is not one of them.

Joe Schwarcz

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