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Welcome to the Sexual Ethics Blog!

This blog provides students in RELG 271 the opportunity to discuss key ideas in the field of sexual ethics.  Two blog questions/topics will be posted over the course of the semester.  You are responsible to post on this site blog entries of 900-1200 words as a response to each one.  Your blog entry will be due at midnight (11:59pm / 23h59) on the due dates listed under the Course Requirements section of the course syllabus (see page 3 of the syllabus on MyCourses).

Make sure to read the How-to’s and the Guidelines & Rubric pages on this blog site before you attempt to publish your first entry (and keep going back to those pages for assistance throughout the duration of the course).  And before you even think about posting your first blog entry, read through the Blog Checklist page to ensure  you have accomplished all the necessary tasks. Continue reading ‘Welcome to the Sexual Ethics Blog!’

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