Statement of Values

Welcome to a new phase of consultation in our continuing discussion about the Provisional Protocol governing the University’s response to demonstrations, which was established last February in the wake of the second occupation of offices in the James Administration building.

Based on consultation on the draft of a revised protocol circulated to the community before the Holiday break, we concluded that the preamble of this revised protocol was generally well received and that McGill would be best served by splitting the document into two: a Statement of Values on Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Assembly, and a document outlining operational procedures that would explain how demonstrations and similar events would be treated.

These new documents can now be found on this site, where you may also consult some of the background material that informed them. As well, you may leave comments here and see those of others.

In addition to this website to the consultation process, we will hold two Consultation Fairs: at Macdonald Campus (February 13th) and, on the downtown campus (February 20th), where members of the community are invited to share their views. More details about the time andlocation of these events will be shared with you soon and posted on this site.

We wish to emphasize the importance of the community’s contributions to this process. As mentioned, there remain opportunities to provide input, and we encourage you to do so and to encourage others to do so as well.

We take this opportunity to thank all members of our community who have already taken the time to contribute to the discussion surrounding these matters and we look forward to your input in the weeks ahead.

  • Anthony C. Masi, Provost
  • Michael Di Grappa, Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance)
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