Quebec Cheese: how to be region-famous?

Canada is one of the best enterprise-friendly place in the world. Agriculture is a big deal in Canada. Quality cheese industry seizes largely in Quebec. Thanks to supply management and collective marketing, Quebec and Canadian processors are guaranteed by constant stable dairy supply and very high even-quality milk. Cheese industry in Quebec can be national-branded. 

Proudly made quebec, united under the brand “Foods of Québec”

In 1996, Quebec non-profit organization “Aliment du Quebec” was founded aiming to promote Quebec agri-food industry. Quebecers love cheese. An ever-growing number of fine cheeses have made their way to the market every year (Metro). A reserve of 5 million litres of milk is available to new companies to produce cheese. This reserve has existed since 1993 and the volume of 5 million litres has always proved to be largely sufficient to cover the demand of new companies. In addition, as part of the Domestic Dairy Product Innovation Program (DDPIP) run on behalf of milk producers by the Canadian Dairy Commission, Quebec has processed the most milk used to produce new dairy products since the program began in 1990. This program was replaced on August 1, 2013 by the Dairy Innovation Program (DIP).(Les Producers de last du Québec) It allows dairy processors with continuous access to the milk they need to create innovative dairy products.

Quality the strength 

 The birthplace of the first cheese school established in Canada, Québec continues its tradition of excellence in this sector: Quebec cheese received 275 awards in the context of this competition over the last 14 years. Today, Quebec is the leader in cheese production. It manufactures nearly 50% of all cheese in Canada, which affords it one of the most well-garnished cheese plates in the Americas, given the wide variety of more than 500 cow’s milk cheese.(Les Producers de last du Québec)

“I’ve always said, since I’ve been in the local cheese landscape, ‘You don’t buy a Quebec product because it’s cheaper. You buy a Quebec product because it’s good and you want to support the local player.”

Gilles Jourdenais, a cheese expert and the owner of Fromagerie Atwater (Sabrina Marandola, 2016)

Organic, we love it

Quebec now has 114 organic milk producers and is adding new producers on a regular basis. Their production makes the province the top organic milk producer in Canada. Organic milk production in Quebec went from 1.7 million litres in 1998 to close to 45 million litres in 2016. (Les Producers de last du Québec) Fromagerie La Station gets $910,355 from the federal Dairy Processing Investment Fund to install robotic equipment to improve the quality of its organic cheese products and enhance production capacity.(Dave Bedard, 2018)

We have the cream on the top 

“Acquiring the automation system and expanding our ripening rooms will help us meet the growing demand for locally produced ripened cheeses and respond to European competition in this niche market. With this project, we will be better equipped to deliver high-quality products.”

  • Simon-Pierre Bolduc, Director General, Fromagerie La Station

Canada’s dairy sector has a wide range of supports provided by Canadian government. The associated program like Dairy Farm Investment, Program Dairy Processing Investment Fund, had approved funding support valued at over $77 million to 1400 dairy producers, making in a wide array of projects from small investments in cow comfort equipment to large ones for automated milking systems.(Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)Through this investment the government of Canada enables family businesses to produce more of their award-winning organic and high-quality specialty cheeses, reaching a world class. Fromagerie La Station’s ongoing expansion is expected to substantially increase demand for milk it buys, lower production costs, expand markets in Quebec and Canada, and improve the company’s competitiveness. Likewise, this can be a short reflection of Quebec cheese industry. (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)


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2 responses to “Quebec Cheese: how to be region-famous?”

  1. alexineehlinger says:

    1- Interesting and simple.
    2- Quebec has a great and improving cheese production sector.
    3- The strongest aspect of the blog post is the use of examples and citations from interviews of cheese producers, as well as the mention of the various programs helping farmers in the funding as well as
    4- The post’s most compelling information and evidence are the numbers provided, like the numbers of awards for cheese in Quebec or number of organic cheese producers.
    5- The title could be improved a little, as it makes you believe that you are going to read a guide on how to become a region famous for cheese production. While it is more of a historical tour on how Quebec became famous for its cheese production. Which is interesting but changing the tense in the title would provide better insight on what is going to be discussed. For example, you could say “Quebec Cheese: how it became region-famous”. Other than that, the structure is quite good, though you could bring up the supports systems information mentioned at the end, to the beginning before the quality strength, as I think it follows on the innovation programs in the dairy sector.

  2. baobui says:

    1. Unclear, efficient
    2. Quebec’s cheese industry has a lot potential for expansion and recognition.
    3. The strongest aspect of the blog post is the inclusion of quotes from local cheese pioneers in Quebec. From the quotes, we can really feel the pride that comes with developing and supporting local products. The blog post describes programs and statistics and by including quotes from the producers that are directly involved, it adds a human dimension that makes the article more relatable.
    4. The most compelling argument in the blog post is the description of the funding program devoted to product innovation for cheese in Quebec. Specifically, outlining the government program demonstrates that encouraging local economy and innovation is considered a priority by the Quebec government. Funds can drive innovation and specifying the magnitude of these amounts shows their importance and is impressive to read.
    5. Blog post needs some editing to fix spelling mistakes and to make sure citation format includes both year and author. For example, ‘Les Producers de last du Québec’ should be ‘Les Producteurs de lait du Québec’. Additionally, the idiom ‘cream on the top’ should be ‘cream of the crop’

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