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The main purpose of the facility is to make flow cytometric technology available from within and outside the McGill research community. This facility is located in the Life Science Complex, in the Bellini Pavilion and has been in operation since 2004 providing Flow Cytometry resources yearly to about 200 scientists. We offer theoretical information as well as practical techniques for those researchers interested in flow cytometry as a tool to discover the physical and/or chemical characteristics of single cells or biological particles.

Flow cytometry representation 1

Flow cytometry is a laser based biophysical technology that involves suspending cells in an isotonic sheath fluid which passes them through an electronic detection apparatus. This allows for the simultaneous, multiparametric analysis and/or isolation of cells. This advanced technology is commonly used for cell cycle analysis, immunophenotyping, cell proliferation or apoptosis assays, tracking of gene transfer. Cytokine detection by intracellular staining or cytometric bead array as well as measurements for phospho proteins signaling can be performed by flow cytometry.

The facility is managed by: Ken McDonald (manager), who has over 25 years in flow cytometry and is in charge quality control, cell sorting/acquisition and data analysis. Diane Ethier (assistant manager) , with over 30 years of  industrial assay development, is responsible for  training and giving assistance for experimental design and technical applications. Dr. Russell Jones from the Goodman Research Cancer Center oversees our operations as Director and  has over 15 years of experience in flow cytometry and research applications.

Over the next series of blogs, we will expose the power of flow cytometry and its value to investigators as an important research tool.  This blog is put in place for scientists to interact and share resources or expertise.  Comments on this blog are welcome and will help to us to meet your ongoing needs.
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