The Flow Cytometry Core Facility is located at the Life Sciences Complex, in the Bellini Pavilion. It has been in operation since 2004, providing Flow Cytometry resources on an annual basis to about 200 scientists from McGill University researchers, affiliated institutions and industry.

We have developed our operations on four guiding principles and this is the PAKT we would like to offer you.

1. PERFORMANCE/RELIABILITY: Routine maintenance and quality control of instruments
2. ACCESS: Providing McGill scientists with cutting edge instrumentation (LRSII)
3. KNOWLEDGE/EXPERTISE: Guidance and consultation for experiments and best practices
4. TRAINING: Education in the proper use of cytometers and principles of flow cytometry

Multiples Services can be obtained at the facility:

1. Cell Sorting: Up to 2-4 ways in tubes, microtubes or 96-well plate (cloning capability).
2. Training for acquisition and in techniques of analysis on FACSCan, FACSCalibur and LSRII.
3. Assistance with experimental design or technical application.
4. In regards, to data acquisition and analysis, the majority of our users run the machines once they have been trained themselves. However we also provide professional services where we acquire and analyze the data.
5. Workstations and analysis software (FlowJo, FCSEXpress, FACSDiva, CellQuest Pro).
6. R&D for new techniques.

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