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The WMS at McGill now has the exciting capability of publishing articles, and so future efforts to publicize WMS-related work will reside there in the future. Please update your bookmarks accordingly and join us over on the WMS!

How to crop images with a consistent ratio

Since the release of the new Call to action, List and Statement templates, we’ve been encouraging site managers to begin cropping web images using a consistent ratio. The benefits are threefold: Your images will line-up nicely when displayed horizontally Image alignment will remain consistent whether you choose to display your templates at full-width, half-width or […]

WMS presentation: No website left behind

We were very pleased at the terrific turnout at our recent WMS Presentation at McGill’s Communications Huddle! Communications officers from across McGill learnt about recent updates in the WMS. Attendees also picked up tips on how to use WMS tools and features to improve their faculty and department communications efforts. Below is a list of […]

Featured website: McGill Office for Science and Society

The Office for Science and Society’s media-rich website sports a number dynamic updates launched in mid-February 2017. The revised site takes advantage of a number of recently released WMS features, including our brand spanking new article content. Home page before: Home page after: New article template: Improvements include: A revised home page that uses the new WMS templates to produce a layout […]

Webforms and Security: Three things worth repeating

Webforms are among the most powerful tools in the WMS, but with great power comes great responsibility. Here are 3 things to bear in mind when using a webform on your site. 1. It’s never too late to authenticate. Wherever possible require users to sign in – this is your first and best defence against spam. […]

Iteration 87

Iteration 87 will run from Feb 14th until March 3rd. Work undertaken includes: Highlights include: Updating WordPress Maintenance summary status type priority milestone pts Prep for Comms Huddle presentation iteration_backlog support task highest Site Management 7.1 3 Creating pages for UG Skills: – Review requirements of levels, streams, competencies iteration_backlog support task highest Site Management […]

Call ‘em better columns

New updates will soon be rolled out in the WMS to improve column template formatting. The updates will affect all column templates – Two column layout, Three column layout, Four column layout and Five column layout – and will help address a few layout bugs that occur on some WMS sites. A run-down of the […]

Creative Commons image resources

When searching for royalty-free images for your website, a good place to start is to look for images with a Creative Commons license. Types of Creative Commons licenses There are a number of different types of Creative Commons licenses. The type of license assigned to an image identifies how that image can be used — […]

Iteration 86

Iteration 86 will run from Jan 24th until Feb 10th. Work undertaken includes: Highlights include: Planning updating WordPress Maintenance summary status type priority milestone pts Configure new drupalnodes backlog bug highest Infra Evergreening 7.1 1 Engineering: Focus group testing [feb 3rd] backlog support task highest Site Management 7.1 1 eCal: Create new /study/2017-2018 site (Due: […]

Iteration 85 : Review

If you didn’t have a chance to make the latest review meeting discussing our current initiatives. Here are meeting presentation notes. Thanks to all that came and contributed to the ongoing discussion how we can make McGill.ca great. Iteration 85 Review i85

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