WordPress Changes

With more people using WordPress as their CMS of choice, we have to keep up to date with our WordPress installations and make sure they are all safe and secure. Here are some changes we’ve been making recently:

  • The new McGill Reporter site has gone live, powered by WordPress 2.6.1.
  • The FYI blog has been upgraded to WordPress 2.6.1.
  • blogs.mcgill.ca has been created using WordPress MU 2.6. This is a pilot project which will eventually allow us to consolidate all blogs into one installation of WordPress for smoother upgrades and better security.
  • beta.mcgill.ca, the Beta Blog, has been moved and redirected to blogs.mcgill.ca/beta
  • Continuing Education’s Instructor Resources blog has been created under blogs.mcgill.ca
  • Continuing Education’s Public Relations blog has also been created under blogs.mcgill.ca
  • We have Installed the wpDirAuth plugin (written by Stephane Daury) on all blogs to allow users to log in using their official McGill credentials. This means we don’t have to store passwords in each WordPress Installation and you don’t have to remember multiple passwords (and remember to change them!).
  • A new WordPress plugin has been written and installed on the FYI blog to provide extra branding on RSS feeds. Instead of the main feed being titled “For Your Information” it is now titled “McGill > For Your Information”

Finally, I’m off to WordCamp Toronto in October to meet some of the development team and other WordPress users. I’ll report back on that at and/or after the event.

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